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  1. Itching to get to tomorrow. Like a kid on Xmas eve. Need to sleep, but don't want to.
  2. Think I have more day left in me under doctor's orders.* * doctor aka wife. But it isn't looking promising. Looks like winter has well and truly left.
  3. That would probably tell them the new Pope is gay.
  4. I also love that Tully's one. No milk, no sugar. Just coffee goodness.
  5. I didn't have any forms to fill in for mine. They took my card and updated it for me, without even asking me!
  6. Perhaps it will allow a better quality of pie to be imported. Really do want some pie, mash and gravy right now.
  7. Re-entry permits no longer exist, irregardless of which card you have. If your visa runs out before your gaijin card, then you will get a new visa AND a resident card. If your gaijin card runs out before your visa, then you will get a new resident card that will replace the gaijin card and visa. When you leave the country, you do not need a re-entry permit as long as you return within, I think, a year of departure.
  8. Yep. Got a new one and it replaces your visa in the passport. A pale blue card with lots of your information on. Address, Visa status, penis girth.
  9. What did you decide on in the end, Chriselle?
  10. san kan shi on. Three days cold, four days warm. An old Japanese proverb. Edited: because I am silly.
  11. Yep, need a constant internet connection. Shitty DRM rules from EA have meant no purchase from me.
  12. Hasn't it just? Crazy to think how things have changed in some respect, yet in others e.g. political corruption and effective distribution of funds, haven't. Still suprised that two years on, people are still living in those "shanty" towns.
  13. 2 years ago tomorrow. Images and video clips still set me off. And to think, some of the preventative measures that they had made, for example the breakwaters around minami-sanrikushi, were later found out to be effectively useless, blows my mind.
  14. Spent most of this weekend being miserable. Had a drip yesterday. Passed out at 7pm last night for medical reasons and woke up groggy and confused.
  15. Had to cancel my trip. The drugs that I'm on for my shoulder gave me beating this morning and in no fit state. Shitty start to the weekend.
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