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  1. Awesome, koko, means we'll be on the same slope for about 3 hrs before I shove off back home! What timing!
  2. Originally Posted By: Hokkaidough Duran Duran should not cover Kraftwerk. It should not be allowed. What if Bill Bailey does? A lesser known work of theirs This is Electric Six's "I buy the drugs". Great song, great video!
  3. How about a no-singing contest? Winner is the one who doesn't sing the most! Just a thought. Oh yeah, the dance commander thing is from an Electric Six song. Its bril. Time for a youtube thread post methinks..
  4. Originally Posted By: Kumapix Originally Posted By: Samui Kitsune Originally Posted By: TJ OZ Saturday 26th January 2008 White Horse Hotel, Echoland, Hakuba. BBQ and a drink for 2000Yen. Anyone out there want to sponsor some prizes and we can promote your products. (Send me a private message) Let me know if your a vegetarian or don't eat red meat Guest list TJ OZ Fattwins Me Jane + mini me + 2 John Deere +3 Soubriquet + cakes Stemik + 1 + 2 Timmeh +1 Jef + Kaz okemoLoon Moloney Gogalago ianbc Creekboy Ewok Taz Davo SamuiKitsune +1 Kumapix warhawk Maybe Tubby Be
  5. That was cool! Talk about balls to the wall Was that 130-odd kmh an average or a top speed?
  6. Sounds pretty hardcore, furry one! Daijobu? Hope you can sort out a car soon! Ganbare ne.
  7. The parts on the plane probably have more chance of failure than the seat!
  8. Originally Posted By: Bushpig a Port fan then warhwak?? No mate they are the biggest fugs of the lot I'm a Carlton supporter. I lived in Melbourne for 9 years when I was a little tacka. Got major ribbings when I moved back to Adelaide, until they won in 95! Up, the Blues!
  9. Adelaide has some ok beaches for surfing, well, south of Adelaide in Middleton, and some great ones (though shark infested) a lot further away on Yorke Peninsula. There are also some good festivals to be had like the Fringe festival, Arts festival etc that are always good fun. Womadelaide too, and of course the Clipsal 500 V8 race. (We needed something after Melbourne nicked the F1 GP from us!) Both Melbourne and Adelaide get flipping hot in summer, but Adelaide is usually hotter for longer. Melbourne is damn cold in winter, and if you like four seasons in one day then its the place t
  10. I'm from Adelaide, and I've lived in Melbourne. Both have their merits, but many of my OS friends who have lived in Aus would say Adelaide is a lot easier to navigate and get your head around (being smaller ) Both are pretty cosmopolitan. If your lifestyle is more aimed at outdoors activities, Vic has way more to offer IMO than South Australia. Wilson's Promontory is one of the best/most beautiful national parks anywhere!
  11. I just use it. You don't have to mean it. Though obviously your inflection will show whether or not you were satisfied.
  12. Originally Posted By: AK 77 Kit-kats are lovely with a cup of tea (there is even talk that you can bit both ends of a stick and suck tea up through the wafer in the middle) In Oz its done with Tim-Tam biscuits. Its called a Tim-Tam slam. If you can suck up some coffee before the whole thing melts, you are considered a legend (in certain circles)
  13. Sorry to hear about your troubles, mate. A mate of mine bought Flux (cant say which model, but I believe they are this year's) and hes had a toestrap and an anklestrap break on him. I used Flux back in 2003 and had no probs... On last year's Burton Missions now and they seem pretty good.
  14. Damn! He's got me beat, the most I ever spent on Kit Kats was 2000 yen. Lordy, how many Kit Kats is that!!!
  15. Originally Posted By: thursday. lets polling tsondaclaus for Christmas season Yes! Although, Dr. Porn, now thats a pretty cool name too!
  16. sure does, ewok! Wish we'd had this convo during last month
  17. For the amount of wasted pixels! Whats that new avatar of yours there, Mantas?
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