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  1. "redistribution"... yeah, a common factor with us blokes Good luck with making a business trip, hope it eventuates!
  2. I won't Comment Gareth, cos u do kickboxing BTW< heading over to japan this year (noticed ur another Perthie)...
  3. aaaahahaa. I see. Yeah, time to take it like a man and deal with it.
  4. Combovers, yeah, they suck. If it's happening, embrace it and shave.
  5. That is absolutely awesome, great find Shadow =)
  6. Yeah, that is overwhelming, more whales than rescuers. it's a distressing sight.
  7. Originally Posted By: thursday Really bugs me when the blind try to lead the blind. Ok, I reckon these also suck (not office per say, but i have heard em in here): - Absence makes the heart grow fonder - All hands on deck - As honest as the day is long - At the crack of dawn Awesome ones: - As useful as tits on a bull - Going off like a frog in a sock - Balls out
  8. That is very poor on behalf of the "i assume unions?". Great way to pee everyone off.
  9. Good for losing a few kilo's then eh? heh heh
  10. I was pretty much over Christmas, but since this is my little ones first "real" christmas (he was 6 months old last time), I reckon it will be pretty awesome, to watch his eyes open up as he rips into some presents. I might add a beard to my stormtrooper suit and hand out presents @ the family get together this year too =) Unless it's going to be 35+ degrees....
  11. If you like Tokyo and ueno, just google "cheap hotels ueno japan" there's a travellerpoint website which has ratings on places to stay, and even bookings. It may help you make up your own mind. But, definitely take the advice form the crew here, as they have been to many firsthand. I am in the same boat, cept I am staying by myself in Tokyo for a few days, so, finding a compromise between budget and cleanliness is important, and single rooms look to be only just a bit cheaper than double rooms. Good luck, and if you visit ueno, visit the Yamashiroya toy store!
  12. Originally Posted By: seemore Yeah Nah A positive and a negative in the same breath??????? And Buddy or Mate when some one has just met you. Seemore I have to admit, the whole "yeah Nah" in the same breath bugs the hell outta me. Just try it next time you get security searched @ the airport, they'll think you're on drugs. As for "mate" when someone just me you, a lot of the time it's because people forget names, literally within minutes. Other times it's because they are being friendly. I personally hate "oh my god", or "oh my gosh". if it's really that big a deal, just swear FF
  13. Mamabear, you are dead on it with your theory, and that name, but it may not be just a fad. Cmon, iSnack 2.0? Who would ever agree to that name?, for starters, they produced a short-run batch with "_______" "_______" (underscores/blank)as the title, then, produce another short-run called "iSnack 2.0", making the punters speculate, and even grab a few "because they think in 50 years it will be a collectable". Great marketing, and it's actually quite a nice spread (compared to vegemite =)
  14. Blokes who miss in public urinals are idiots. it's not rocket science. Open, aim fire...... If, like koko, you don't completely disarm your weapon after firing, as he stated, it could accidentally discharge..... not nice. (this is where many a bloke uses the "darn hand washing tap splashed me" trick. Here in Aus, many urinals have grill/platforms that are about 45cm wide, so you can stand in closer, and not get it everywhere... well, at least I think that's what it was for...... Anyhow, it's better than amsterdam
  15. yes, he's not been good to himself. Apparently he was give "soap on a rope" for his incarceration but declined.
  16. Haven't uploaded any of Oliver since his Birth. I think he's going to be a swimmer rather than a skiir/boarder,as he loves to kick like a little froggy when he's having a bath. I have this on my Desktop, with the saying: "There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself" makes me smile when i have a bad day...
  17. Welcome to the Forums Alex, If you're a n00b to Japan and boarding, seriously, enter discussions here, get to know the crew, and have fun. it helped me heaps, and made my trip this year amazing. I met so many of the SJ forums crew who helped me around japan. Have fun mate
  18. This little kid Playing the Wii is so cute. 22months old.
  19. One for the tech nerds, Funniest thing in the Opening ceremony, Microsoft's infamous Blue Screen of death. LOL. PWN3D From here: Gizmodo news website <-- Hope it's ok to post a link =)
  20. Apparently We will rock you is an amazing experience. have fun in London Big-Will!
  21. They like the feeling of the sand between their hoofs.
  22. No, actually Koko, their necks are long due to the fact that they evolved from being water-borne mammals. They had long necks to enable them to walk on the seabed and still be able to breath above water. I read it on the internet, so it must be true.
  23. Originally Posted By: Rag-Doll It won't do much but our suffering will give us a wonderful moral self righteousness. You are dead right mate. Financially, this will screw with Australians. they say, in a Poll, 70% (or something like that), would be happy to pay more, if it means our impact is lower. WTF??? I wasn't questioned, and besides, even if we did this, it probably wouldn't make one ounce of difference. My advice, buy a house in the hills areas, in 20 years time you can enjoy beach side living. I'm off to go work on my tan
  24. Thought I would post some pics of our baby. Oliver Wei Li Scott (aka Wicket =) Born : 29/07/2008 4.120kg 51cm long. he was pretty big i love him, and he's really a pleasure to look after...
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