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  1. I don't own any cassettes and don't have a player either. They still sell blank tapes at the electric shop in my town but I can't remember ever seeing albums on tape for sale for a long long time.
  2. Lovely moustache and sides there. That Eulenspygel one is even more disturbing.
  3. Well said samurai! Give it the benefit of doubt until we know what happened.
  4. Got the car loaded up with the new Travis CD (like it) as well as 19 other faves. Lets driving music time!
  5. More people have said Iwate than Akita, for sure. I've decided to take a few days off early next week and have a 4 day trip up there to take an initial look and get some of those important first impressions
  6. My docomo has too (a dictionary). I think you'll find that docomo phones have English manuals and English settings on the actual phone.
  7. I'm moving to either Akita or Iwate in a few months so I'll be exploring the area as well
  8. I am in Kanagawa now but will be moving to Tohoku in early summer. Can't wait!
  9. I went up there last summer. Wasn't the most fun for reasons others have said, but I'm glad I have done it. Once is enough though!
  10. Snowboard. Though I'm not really very good. Hoping to improve though.
  11. Hi all. I'm in Kanagawa at the moment but have the chance of moving up to either western Akita or east Iwate in July - and I have the choice if I make it in the next 2 weeks. Of course it's not just going to be a decision based on "snow" but I'm giving that a look in on my decision What would you do?
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