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  1. I agree spook, but I read it differently. I read it as limiting one's self to only working during the daylight hours is for losers. Of which I also agree. I hate the labor-derived 8-5 schedule.
  2. I got this in my email box this week. It’s one of those emails that float the globe from no one in particular. Nonetheless, it caught my attention. I found it to be a good read. And, I figured this crew would also get a kick out of it. It’s fricking long, though. Neal Boortz is a Texan, a lawyer, a Texas AGGIE, and now a nationally syndicated talk show host from Atlanta. His Commencement Address: 'I am honored by the invitation to address you on this August occasion. It's about time. Be warned, however, that I am not here to impress you; you'll have enough smoke blo
  3. Seeing Subies chuck parks wins... Bestest Car Commercial. I loved that.
  4. I was just curious because they look so skinny. Feb 2nd, eh? Sweet packing to ya. (the wife will be in thailand june through august. NZ may be feasible if we're not upside-down broke after that.)
  5. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Mate, I wasn't even thinking about our discussion in the past. It just seems that you always jump right on people for their posts. Sarcasm is difficult to gauge on forums, unless you use the smileys, obviously I've picked you up wrong but I bet I'm not the only one. fair enough I'll use more smilies and less TGR-isms. Maybe a bit of churching could school my forum ettiquette a bit. Let's churching. (edit for the second smiley. I'm learning.)
  6. Nice shots, daver. Thanks for that. What Dynaster is Mtnlion on in that first shot? Keep us posted on your NZ travels too. A meat pie TR would be swell.
  7. Originally Posted By: AK 77 I have a great Casio one that is also a watch, calculator and altimeter too. Samurai, do you think it will work well? only if it has the shark lazer.
  8. I think I have around a dozen in or so. but for some reason I've been riding like 8-9 hours a day this winter being as I can only go up one day a week. I've even been considering bringing both sets of skis for the change in conditions each day. I doubt I will actually ever lug two pairs around, but this is the first winter that I had actually wished I had both my pow skis and my groomer-zoomers to break it up a bit.
  9. Personally... I would link short radius GS turns at about 80-90kms/hr down that face and not a flake of snow would leave the ground. but that's just me.
  10. that's a sick one too, okemo. basically, most transceiver companies have gone digital. But, keep that screen warm. In super cold conditions, LCDs can act up. (so I've read, and can understand, though have never witnessed.)
  11. I know nothing about economics except that they're rarely in my favor. If a recession is on the horizon, then I see that as a time to up the education and training. Because when the job market swings the other way, it's nice to be a leader. At least, that's my long-term plan. If there is a major crunch next year and little prospect for career growth, time for a doctorate.
  12. TB, turn up your sarcasm meter. I'm one of the most sarcastic people here. It's just entertainment to most of us. Just because you and I had a debate in the past (of which I don't recall) doesn't mean I'm quick to deride peoples' experiences or views about skiing. thanks for the shot though.
  13. you know what else is sick?- he threw his skis sideways in the first turn to slow down before setting up his run. That's how fast he knew he was going, before even getting up to speed.
  14. platinum/mirrors for sun. High Intensity persimons, roses and yellows for flat light. Clear for night. If you only want one lens (because you are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for riding, yet can't justify more than one pair of goggles) then just get a persimmon. (orange) And shut up when your only goggle fogs up when it's storming.
  15. the snowboarding vicar, what spawned this bump? Your first line is calling everyone cynics in response to a post nearly 2 months ago.
  16. closed. but seconded. buy the tracker. It's wwaaaaaay faster than anything else. Your partners will thank you. Go ahead, bury your friends' tranceiver outside and go find it. It takes like 30 seconds. Ortovox is beyond slow. (people don't have time to wait for the beeps. Analog sucks.) Signed, American Avalanche Institute Level 3 Forecaster. I've started more avalanches than you have literally... imagined.
  17. 10 or 15 years ago, it was quite common to see boarders using poles. They transfered over from skiing and missed the timing mechanism. It was considered retarded then too. However, I haven't seen it for at least 5 years or so. Which could indicate that the number of beginner and intermediate snowboarders that have transfered over from skiing has diminished.
  18. the best skier in hakuba hasn't been skiing long enough to have seen it in the past?
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