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  1. I think there is a real good chance of snow. I bet it will be packed.
  2. I did Kagura on Thursday. It was great, one of my better days this year. Not crowded at all. Upper lift was open and it was the first time I've been up there and not had to earn it. Pretty nice being able to ski that stuff from a lift, the snow up there was fabulous. Weather was great, snowed a little early AM, was sunny and partly cloudy, until the afternoon when it clouded over. Champagne powder blanketed the top of the mountain. I got about 4 good runs in before the top got pounded with tracks. It was like letting loose a bunch of hungry animals the first hour that
  3. I just checked the snow report of the places I skiied in Italy and Austria. Both have less than 50cm coverage today. Its a shame because there is some badass terrain in Europe
  4. I know that buying land in Japan is a real hassel for outsiders. I know that no American bank will lown you money for land in Japan, and no Japanese bank will loan money to a non japanese citizen. If your paying cash it might be another story, but I would do some research before you take the trip. My friend (american) is married to a Japanese girl, and no bank would loan ether one of them money US or Japan to buy in japan. Sounds strange because she is japanese. Might be different for Aussies though
  5. Its easy to see why countries like Switz. and Austria dominate the winter olympics. Their Mountains are steep and rugged. The last time I was in skiing in Europe I saw older women blasting through powder and carving giant GS turn down some really steep terain. Im huffing and puffing legs burning and there go women my moms age blowing by me. Brought a tear to my eye.
  6. There are a bunch of places close enough for a day trip from Tokyo. Do a little research and you will be able to find something to satisfy your wants.
  7. Skiing on ice when its cold as hell haha. Its like a right of passage for all east coast skiiers and riders. I grew up raceing on that stuff. Anyways, my session on the PE's was done primaraly on hard corduroy groomers and in the park. Any yes its was a bit nipply that day.
  8. Maybe I am wrong, and this is only my opinion. I Put in a hardcore session with my brothers PE's last season at Kilington VT. These skis were way to chattery for me on goomers, but I come from a raceing background so thats only my opinion. I think it depends on your style. and what type of terrain you will be on primaraly. As far as a true "all mountain ski" I have to disagree with the previous post. I am looking for something a bit more solid. Maybe that is because I used these skis on the east coast (US) without any deep coverage.
  9. deffinetly a big mountain powder ski. If you like to carve hard, this might not be the ski for you. If most of your time is going to be spent on groomers look at the Apache Line if you like K2. Im on the Apache Recons this season until we get some real snow. They are great for carving and they hammer through the crud, and still wide enough to play in the POW! Your probably going to have more fun with something in the mid fat range. But hey its only my opinion
  10. Thanks for the words guys, I appreciate it. Haven't spoken with FT but I hope he is aware. I will be back up to Hakuba soon I hope. We can get some work done on the MT, and put this all to rest
  11. If I would have met any fellow SJers, I most deffinetly would have bought them a round. Not pick a fight. I completly agree with both Fattwins & Motherhucker, just don't lump me in with those aliens. I look forward to sharing the snow with everyone.
  12. Whoooooooooooooo, Hey now. I want to set this straight! My girlfriend and I went on a Navy sponsered trip to Hakuba. Yes the rest of the guys on the trip were young Sailors (Navy). I am Army not Navy. I was just there for the snow (or lack there of it turns out). I was there to enjoy Nagano and spend a long weekend with my girlfriend. It is a shame that some people acted completely inapropriate. Those guys get off the boat after 4-6 months and they go nuts what can I say. I am in no way making excuses for those guys. What they did brings shame to not only US military forces, bu
  13. Yes I can confirm that some fistacuffs were thrown. I watched as 2 guys got knocked out cold. All the fighting I saw was between Americans and Kiwis or Aussies, or just Americans fighting each other. Some people have a funny way of celebrating! Anyways, just like the Japanese party goers, I stayed out of the way. Some of the offenders were aquaintances of mine but not friends. I think everyone was all wound up watching Pride and K1 right before hitting the bars.
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