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  1. 06-07 I did a quick trip to Switzerland from Hakuba in late Jan, and considering both were having what you call bad seasons, things were a lot worse in Europe. 07-08 was an average year, and last year was considered a bad year also, but as mentioned bad here is considered epic in most other resorts. As GN mentioned also, our European Contingent is minimal, and Apres, nothing compares to Europe, as does nothing compare to Bars Like the Fridge, Hanks, Snow Drop..ect
  2. Yes I had Charlie(Can Talk), Roger and Tony here ,with the Coache(Peter Abbott from a while back). Had a great time with them, funny blokes. Was a lot of money from a small club. I heard the Wife had a lot to do with it also..anyway I'm sure they'll get theirs one day!
  3. Originally Posted By: Mamabear That would be the one indeed Timmyhugecans - your connection? A friend of my used to coach them and he and a few of the players recently visited me(after the Bledislo Cup Game) They told me the story, bloody dodgy! I heard the club had a good year this year though, won a flag!
  4. Originally Posted By: Mamabear It's a bit harsh isn't it... Is she one of those women that rushes to judgment and hates lots of people, or has she got a point.... There is only ONE of my husbands mates that I would accept using that word...I have heard all of his stories a gazillion times - he is a bore - he is arrogant - he is loud - he is opinionated - and I wouldn't leave him alone with my children for even 5 seconds (just something doesn't gel) - but I tolerate him. Papa knows I do not enjoy his company and he catches up with him more often at work or out, but on the few occasions in
  5. There are boards that are good for all conditions, a quiver is nice but really pic the style of riding you like and the rest is magic.. like a wand.. And Ger... Ski's are different than boards. Buy one get one free!
  6. The Burton is new this year, but I have had the Lib Tech version(Banana and C2 Banana). I would highly recommend them. Great in all condo's especially powder. General rule is you can ride a shorter board than normal. On Ice, the lib Tech's have Magna Traction which helps, but its still ice and if your a beginner, then you will still struggle.(it's a board, not a wand!)
  7. Action and scenery both need different techniques, and are equally difficult to take. Both can be set up and planned or can be right time and place and bingo!
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