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  1. If anyone needs advice on a console to choose, I am a console junkie since electronics are my hobby. I would say that the wii and 360 are clear winners in choice for game console picks for reasons I cant explain on the fourms.
  2. Im in the market for a Pajero mini as it seems to fit my needs for all seasons. As being from the States, I am used to car books that have private sellers that are offering their cars up for sale. Doing the hunt now, I picked up 2 books here and they are geared towards car shops / lots. As a general rule of thumb, shops will charge an arm and leg more then private sellers. Is there any shops / places that can do the hunt for the vehicle I am looking for within my price range? I checked the Yahoo auctions in Japan, but most vehicles are out of range I.E. Tokyo / Osaka etc. for me
  3. The object of my post wasnt to come off that marriage is bad, I realize its not in my interests anymore. My personal opinion only. No need to feel any pity for me. Some people realize that they must have a mental and physical bond to only one personn for the rest of their lives. If it works for them, GREAT!!! people have different views about life. Back on topic with the *cheating* GN your comment is based on your opinion not fact or law. If you can show on paper a law universal based document that shows what constitutes "cheating" then you would prove me wrong. How comfortable
  4. I love to talk about this with new girls. I am open about talking about being in multiple relations at the same time. My view is when talking about the subject is, Pick your most desired / loved thing in the world minus kids and family (I usually relate to ice-cream when talking to the girls but could be anything) "Could you eat the same type of ice-cream only for the rest of your life or occasionally do you like to try new flavors" Some will say *YES* to only eating one flavor but most will say *NO*. Now I know most people will say "There is no way in hell you can re
  5. Yeah AK, After 9mo still no licence. And im out around 5man and still where I was 9mo ago but colder now. My last experience 1 month ago, I blew up at the kotsu anzen center (not smart, but I felt the need/urge)as the instructor said I drove good but I didnt pass the test. WTH.??? Probably wont help my chances next week to get a opportunity to pass. After the test I told him I had taken over 14hrs (actually 7) of driving school course as to try to better my chance in obtaining the license as I know the major issue about that place is "waiting and paying for your license".
  6. surprised no one mentioned TEACH ENGLISH to the gent. Depending on where you work, you get as much of a workout as is your snowboarding. 143 KM logged on my bike alone this week from running around Nagano to get to my schools. FRANK
  7. Had one experience for about 5min in a club. Girl I knew called me and told me to come to the place she worked. I was looking for new hang-out spots, so I showed up to her place thinking it was a bar (non-hostess type). When inside, sat down and talked to her for a min or so, then she said it would cost 6000/hr to drink with her. Now mind you I knew her for quite some time, so I told her she wasn't worth 6000 and left. That was the last time I talked to her. Seriously, why would I pay money to talk to someone that I could talk to normally for free?
  8. I have two options at the moment. 1. is to try and send it into the shop and get it repaired 2. A friend and long time rider informed me that in the past with bad gouges like mine, plastic bottles as like shampoo bottles are make up of the same material. Liquidfying the plastic bottle (paying particular attention not to inhale the fumes)in a small aluminum can over a bunsen burner and having the board base preheated while pouring in the hot plastic will actually bond pretty well as give it the necessary flex when it hardens as it is a soft plastic. He mentioned that it will actually s
  9. 6'5" or 190 cm as of height so yeah I am the Jolly Giant. Major concern was that I bought a Burton baron ES last year that ran a high amount of cash and tore a nice gouge out of the base from a (box rail that wasnt bent fully down???) and the gouge runs about 20cm down the length of the board. No need to spend 700 on a board again as if I cant get my old board fixed,its toasted which = wasted cash. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m248/midnightcharger2/070204_14510001.jpg Picture of my fallen soldier.
  10. in the market for another board and came across a 163 board (forgot the model name. Price is down to 24000 from 55000 but curious on the build quality of the maker. I am an intermediate rider still on the learning curve. Primary use will be the park to learn boxes rails and jumps. Was listed as a med-flex board. Any input?? Thanks FRANK
  11. Wish the best for the Nova crew since I have many friends in a bad situation now. But, even if a sponsor is found, how many teachers / staff / students do you think would return to the prior schools, after such a downfall. Even if they were to restructure, would'nt people walking into the prior named Nova school no matter what its new name would be still see it as Nova? It's popular talk around these parts and not much if any is good talk from the locals. Will be one of those things to sit back and see how it plays out.
  12. Olympic sports in Shinoni is the best all around with ski/board equip and wear. They always seem to have deep discounts on wear. Sports depot and Xebio are second all around especially if your looking for top name gear, but expect to pay the price for it. El dorado is kinda dead with very little stock of anything. Schnieders is good but I forgot where its at. Would like to know where Wagodo is also. Best option also is Yahoo auctions. you can find all types of equip usually cheaper then retail and shipping very cheap even from far off places. Payment through the ATM is
  13. geez, you think that they would want to sell tickets knowing that people live for winter sports here. Guess the second best is the premium pass as 47 is now at 55000 for a season pass. The extra 15000 is worth it to have shiga included. With about 8 weeks of vacation in december to January, I will definitely make up the price of the ticket in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Can the premium pass be bought through Hakuba. The website was pretty vague on details on where to contact for payment. FRANk
  14. Hey fatts, Did you ever get around to buying your wii from back home?(sorry for the off-topic chatter) I am looking to get a happy 7 ticket. I seen the link to the premium pass for Hak / goryu and Shiga. But is there a price available / link for the season happy 7 pass. Looking foward to a epic season. Frank midnightcharger2(at)hotmail.com
  15. Welcome to the wonderful world of "leave your logic at the door" I came across a friend here in Nagano city, and the guy was paranoid of trying to date girls. WHY??? The company he works for says that he is allowed one girlfriend, but if they find out he is messing around or talking to many girls, he will get fired. Make any sense??? I can understand if they were the companies students, but many (not all) companies here have very little to no legal respect for their foreign workers along with their Japanese staff also. There are laws that are written but rarely enforced.
  16. I have had almost all the licenses in the states you can imagine when dealing with vehicles. From the military carrying over 50tons of cargo, Jet fuel JP-8 (highly flammable) to personnel transport. 18 wheeler heavy hauling when I got out of the miltary etc. The bugger of it all is that I drove both a personal vehicle and military equipment in Okinawa for 3 years. We were not required to get a Japanese license since we had a SOFA (status of foreign affairs) agreement with Japan. We got a small written test comparable to the one in Nagano-ken dmv and got a small index card with our inf
  17. Some things get to you like no other. Learning now that procrastination is a killer in this country, I am learning the hard way. And I have been around the culture for 5 years now. I knew from prior knowledge that the Kotsu Anzen Center (Japan Motor vehicle and licensing center) can be a real bitch but never knew it was worse then I expected. Passed the paper test which was a joke no problems. Driving course is a whole different ball of wax. I failed the first time, I knew that it would happen since its a formality. took a few classes to learn the course in the midst of my 2mon
  18. Heres addition to the list Japanese style toilets. Its 2007 people. I always worry I'm going to spring a leak on my clothes. I Highly avoid using those toilets. Having a car with a loud exhaust is a no-no but all the annoying trucks with blairing speakers for politicians, recycling and my personal favorite the Petrol truck that rolls around my neighborhood at 7am to 9am in the morning with the repeatitive music. Holding hands in public is ok (showing affection) but kissing totally taboo even for a quick peck on the cheek. HOUSES (The biggie) The color of houses, Never pai
  19. Thanks for the input gamera. Just the thing I was looking for. Hope this stint of biking to work everywhere is only for a short time. Its spring and time to get on my trusty Yamaha R6 but only when I secure my license.... Thanks again for your help. FRANK
  20. sorry dont know how this got started in a seperate post. I was trying to reply on my thread about train maps. Sorry
  21. Bit of a pain and many kilo's of riding but I got most of the kinks in my travels worked out. for what it is worth MARUKO city in Ueda is a terrible place to live if you dont have a car. Glad I dont live there. I confirmed that with the police after they stopped me on my bike last night that getting to Maruko from Ueda there is nearly no public transport to get up into their mountain. I got a resounding NAI NAI NAI after asking if there were buses or trains that ran up the mountain. One spoken NAI to me means "no" but 3X NAI's means "are you crazy?" Gotta work on my menkyo FAST!!!!
  22. My new work is requiring me to tavel between schools in the nagano city to ueda areas. This job really requires a car but I am super-trooping it by railway and bike till I can secure my Japanese drivers license. I was wondering if anyone knows any websites that pull up station stop maps to help me route my schools to stations better. I went to the JR railways website but they do not have maps of the train routes. I am using their hyperdia search to locate known station names from STATION A to STATION B that may be closest but its kinda a pain since there may be a closer station
  23. Yeah, but 2500 yen for my project was sufficient. And about 2 hours of my time. I miss tinkering in my workshop at my old house in the states so I needed somthing at the time to keep me busy and imaginative. I miss the good ol days sometimes. If I was in the states I would pursue making my own homemade snowboards in my garage but would never attemt that kind of project in Japan due to space and time restraints. Kinda bums me at times of how life restricting Japan can be at times.
  24. Most dvd players on the market can be upgraded to be region free by doing a search on the net. You can input a special key assignment from the remote control that will bring up secret menu's to change the region. Others require a special program that programs through the IR port. PDA devices can run this program and re-flash your player. The best solution is to burn your movies as region free from your computer. This is the best option and the easiest.
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