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  1. Got the new one by David Gray yesterday, sounds pretty good on the first few listens.
  2. Here's another one, do Japanese men wear aftershave at all? I've never really noticed it, the only smell is the hair thing going on.
  3. A friend was asked the same. The agent said that if they actually get the tickets printed, the airline can't ask for more cash. If the tickets hadn't yet been printed, even if the flight had been paid for they could ask for more. Something like that anyway.
  4. Got a call this morning as well, need a new card, current one void as of today. I know what you mean oblivion about them not getting to the point. When she first talked it sounded to me like there was an option, but there wasn't.
  5. If I'm buying a ticket and looking for a deal, I won't let these air mile cards cloud my judgement - they are often increasing useless as people above have said. Are there any airlines out there that have not clamped down on all this?
  6. Live just to the north of Tokyo actually in Saitama-ken, and work in Tokyo.
  7. A week in Nagano, plus 4 weekends for me. So about 12 days on the snow.
  8. Started skiing when I was 18 in France, so been skiing on and off for 16 years now. (Off more than on admittedly)
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