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  1. I live in the countryside just outside of Shizuoka.
  2. Toooo hot for me, though I am just about managing this year. Lots of time off and in cool houses, lots of drink.
  3. I went only once but I loved it. Stayed there for a few hours just watching them all. They totally ignore you and I liked standing right by the edge of the bath and then putting their hands over the edge with snow falling on their heads. Wonderful!
  4. Quote: Which resort for low-intermediate skiers that also offers atmosphere for non-skiers? Of the places I know in Japan - not so many - I would give Nozawa a vote. It's a nice little place and fairly reachable from Nagano city which has it's interesting things as well. And those monkeys of course.
  5. I came to Japan on my own a few years ago. I was quite wary at first, it was my first time living overseas and I knew no-one. I have had almost no strange/bad experiences at all though and the people in my town have been extremely friendly. I feel very comfortable here and would do much more than perhaps I would back home - I love living in Japan.
  6. Skiing was just 45 minutes away - France - so I spent many of my weekends on the snow with my family when I was young. Very lovely place to grow up.
  7. Skiing. I was brought up not too far away from skiing in France so been enjoying it since I was young.
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