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  1. Hi guys, I'm at Akakura with the family at the moment and it turns out we've got an extra day's lift pass for 6 people... if anyone wants them, let me know by the below contact stuff... best situation would be to msg me tonight as I'm leaving tomorrow Cheers, Sven. iamsven at vodafone dot ne dot jp
  2. G'day sunrise Yep, back home for the holidays. Been a busy boy which has kept me from sj too much lately, but hopefully the cold weather with drag me back out of stragerhood You want me to pick anything up for you while I'm here?
  3. Prawns, oysters, and a nice unhealthy aussie bbq Although I have to admit that this is more like the xmas or boxing day food... New Year's Day fare is more likely to be a long sleep and some water... Although Boxing day with the family this year involved a nice big serving of yaki soba... I did my best to show off my vast (ie, one dish) Japanese cooking skills
  4. Damn straight that was a hot day... and I only really saw about an hour of the sydney part of it... between an airconned plane and an airconned car. Still, I'm heading back into sydney tomorrow for a day at the cricket... should be *great*.
  5. Dave Matthews Band ("Listener Supported" or "Central Park Concert" or "Live at the Gorge")... take your pick. Roger Waters (In the Flesh) Ben Harper (Hollywood Bowl) Portishead (Roseland NYC)
  6. Quote: Originally posted by giggsy: Do they know cricket in Japan? Sure, they've even got a national team. My coach in Aus was the Japanese national coach for a year.
  7. Quote: Originally posted by sakebomb: quote: That's why Americans are so stupid. As soon as they get a bit smarter, they're executed. That is the funniest call I have heard in a longtime!! to that
  8. To come in a little late: yep, that quake was scary alright. It may just be cos it was the first I'd experienced in my apartment, but that thing was shaking a full 2 minutes after the initial shock... An interesting little aside is that after any earthquake one of the boss dudes at work (who I had thought was completely humourless) always yells something (too quick for me to understand) to the heaviest guy in our office... looks like there's humour in the man after all
  9. Well Veronica and those interested, here's my thoughts on my Rio, particularly compared to an iShuffle. Apparently, my friend's iShuffle has "David Hasslehoff sex appeal", whereas my Rio is more likened to Conan the Barbarian (interpret all that as you wish). The basic rundown is this: Size: Conan is shorter but slightly fatter. Weight: Conan weighs a couple of grams more, but it's still next to nothing. Battery: Conan lasts for 27 hours, Hasslehoff for much less Functionality: Hasslehoff is designed only to look pretty and do almost nothing (play, pause, shuffle). Conan does
  10. Quote: Originally posted by tsondaboy: I usually have a pig breakfast... Hehehe... bloody greeks, always overdoing it
  11. Yeah I've been settling in over here with the (now somewhat) new job and all. Popped in to post a random msg once or twice but yeah... not too much And as for quitting... until the last small patch of slightly discoloured snow has been properly digested, there's always something more the season has to offer
  12. Funny you should mention that Montoya... that was pretty much the reason for the latest batch of tests. It seems that each year a bus full of police from around the country come for a couple of week's course in crash scene reconstruction. They learn how to get some info that's useful to them like speeds involved and when/where brakes were applied etc, and of course that info is pretty useful for the safety people later. Rest assured that there's been plenty of abunai jokes these last 2 weeks with so many police wandering around the place And I'm quite a fan of your job Montoya.
  13. Woywoy, I'm a crash safety engineer... or at least, that's the job that I've got. I basically get to see a bunch of crash tests and then make simulations of 'em on a computer. 'twas an interesting day earlier this week... the morning after my birthday (still quite hungover), I was there being taught in english/japanese (not good with a sore head) how to recreate a crash scenario from the tyre tracks... I was suggested to kneel and put my head next to the ground to get a better view of the tracks... I basically fell over and had to mutter something about the floor being slippery...
  14. Newspaper is rolled up, and there's a plastic wrap cover for the rain. That's been the system for as long as I can remember at my place back home. As for the lawn, well, that's where it ended up pretty much every day, although there have been occasions for: - paper in pool, - paper in tree, - paper on car, - paper on roof. (you'd need to see the place to understand why)
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