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  1. With all this going on the Japanese will not be keen to go there (can't say I'd blame 'em!)
  2. Why oh why do resorts need 10 guys with sticks pointing people to a car parking space. They are just totally unncessary. OK maybe 1 or two but just seeing these guys standing around doing sod all just annoys me.
  3. Hey thanks for that I'll try it out I 'd like to free my pc dvd drive up.
  4. Me too, hopefully. Though I'm not so sure about the cliff faces yawning chasms, I might give them a miss (nothing to do with earthquakes!)
  5. So hows the snow looking this season? might be a bit late?
  6. That sounds great, I wish I could have a garden or plot here. Good luck with it. Show us a pic!
  7. 3 showers a day, admittedly two of them really short.
  8. Not decided yet. It's all going to depend on the weather, hopefully early/mid Dec.
  9. Non-Japanese resort. Your pick. What would that be? Any country other than Japan ok.
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