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  1. I drink quality Scotch and it's one of those things I could never give up.
  2. Oh I'm looking forward to the season now. Geneva is definitely the best choice for you there bobby12. We might even meet down there. If you hear a loud Scots accent, ask!
  3. There's some impressive numbers there. We're often lucky if theres 5cm in the village.
  4. I used to have a beard. That's where I got my nickname from! The first few weeks are the worst, after that it's all just warm and comfy. Not had one for a while now, perhaps I should consider it.... not sure about some of the fashions shown on this page though
  5. A question coming from Scotland here. In the peak of the season, in some of the main ski towns in Japan, how much snow do you have piled up on the side of the roads (if any)?
  6. Scotland skiing is perhaps not the best in the world. But I live here and have grown up here and it's nice to have on the doorstep. I like near Fort William and so Ben Nevis and Glen Coe are near me and the places I know well. We don't get much snow and the season is usually short. You can't beat a good hearty Scottish pub meal at the end of the day though, especially when relatives own the place. I found this on the web, glad I'm able to laugh at it: http://www.iseran.com/Stories/scottish_skiing.html
  7. Hi there I live in Scotland and so have been to the few small places round here for most of my adult life - and been skiing in Canada, France, Austria and Italy as well. There seem to be a whole big bunch of nationalities on here, interested to know where you've been and where you rate, etc? BB
  8. In Japan? Unfortunately, no. But it is on my "to go to" list, I would love to go there for a skiing holiday.
  9. Hi there. Reading this with interest. Has it been a consistently hot summer over there?
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