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  1. That's fine, but as I said - a few more shops would be useful (and I don't mean designer!)
  2. JCVD Stands for Jean Claude van Damme. It's about him. Didn't know whether to laugh or just laugh harder.
  3. He should try very harder. And you should quit your moaning and pointing mate!
  4. I'm planning to buy an iPod in the next few days. My current MP3 player uses Windows Media Player, so I have thousands of tracks (about 20gb) in wma format. Can I transfer these to iTunes without ripping the whole lot over again? If I did would this lose any quality? Tech spec (if it makes any difference): Windows XP, Windows Media Player 11, whatever-the-automatically-updated-version of iTunes is. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!
  5. We shall see. Still feeling slightly fragile, I need the weekend to recharge!
  6. The last 2 nights I have had two parties and had huge amounts of beer. Never again I saw. I'm off it for life. (Throbbing head)
  7. Top tip! Dick Lobovillas, aka El Nino de la Musica, died in the early hours of Monday morning in Rio de Janeiro general hospital. At his bedside were boyhood friends MC Ritmo Perfecto and MC Cucuracha Killa. It is believed that Lobovillas died from complications arising from an injury he sustained after stage diving from the DJ booth in Rio’s notorious Carioca de Gema club. The booth is suspended from the ceiling of the venue, nearly ten metres above the crowd. Dick, legendary for his on-stage antics and his support of DJ performance art, jumped after impassioned fans pleaded for h
  8. I'm sure I will. I wasn't actually going out to buy today (or even this year). I just got a bit carried away when I realised the kind of deal I could get, seemed silly not to. Made me all the more looking forward to the first trip to the snow in late December.
  9. Just got back from a good afternoons shopping. Some new Rossignol skis at half price. New jacket and pants @ 12,000 yen (normal price 35,000 yen) Gloves @ 40% off Bargains galore! I recommend checking out your local sports shop, might get lucky!
  10. Got to agree. I can understand people not upgrading to Vista, but on a new machine?! I can't understand why anyone would prefer XP to Vista on a new machine that can cope with it.
  11. A school I used to work at had pretty much the same - there were a few kids who spent pretty much all day in the nurses room just messing about. And she didn't seem to mind or encourage them to go back to class, it was bizarre. What is the general policy on that?
  12. "MS Flight Simulator for DOS" Got that one too! I wonder how it looks now
  13. I'm in the no plan camp as well. It will just depend on work, holidays - and of course snow.
  14. I have some Windows floppies somewhere. It's a game but "Phantasmagoria". On multiple CDs! So much data, must be good! Got Myst somewhere as well.
  15. actually I don't think I want to know!
  16. ...or, alternatively, enjoy Vista which is better than XP and already installed on your new machine!
  17. Thats frankly ridiculous Journey Man. If you look you will find plenty of people saying good things about Vista. But obviously not where you look. I bought a new machine last year and got Vista and I think it is good. Whats good about it? Well, every aspect I can think of is better than XP, so that kind of makes it better doesn't it. My pc takes literally seconds to boot and has not crashed once in over a year. etc etc. I'm not some tech-head or geek and I'm not interested or informed enough to enter some big discussion about some technical specs or whaterver. All I know i
  18. color co-ordinated meals. but wait, orange and salmon are not the same. salmon head soup is the head bit important?!
  19. To the people who leave the computer on (when it isn't doing anything) - Why?
  20. That last photo looks quite similar to Ms Orinoco actually.
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