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  1. Last friendly before the season gets underway - I reckon you'll get to see most of the squad out there. Looking forward to it. Mid-May > August is just too long without footie fixes.
  2. Originally Posted By: Mr Wiggles After being widely mocked for printing the brochure, Owen's a good player again now Fergie's interested. It's an amazing turnaround. Well, Fergie has a fairly decent record does he not. I was never particularly wanting this to happen but now it has, I'm hoping that it turns out good. Lets face it, last season he was playing in a crap team with no service. He probably was disinterested - though that doesn't say much good about professionalism. I'm sure in the 'Manchester variety of United' environment he'll have a much better chance of being what h
  3. BUT hold your horses "Real deal? Lyon deny that Real Madrid have beaten Manchester United to £30m Karim Benzema" In fact, the French club say they have received a bid far superior to the figure widely quoted by Spanish media.
  4. Disregarding the constant moaning that Tevez seems to be doing at any and all availabie opportunities, I am glad that he is leaving. I'd love to know what really happened there. We can't have wanted him THAT MUCH, otherwise we would have made an offer earlier. Perhaps it was a lazy option, though I would hope not. Come on Benzema.
  5. Fatigue. Some players are visibly looking tired and could do with a break. Apart from the number of games United have played, our Premier game was only on Sunday. Ronaldo is a funny one isn't he. He scores goals but at the same time in the last few weeks he has been something of a liability almost, gifting the ball the the opposition so many times.
  6. I am PLEASED with that. Liverpool vs Chelsea AGAIN!
  7. Villarreal v Arsenal Manchester United v FC Porto Liverpool v Chelsea Barcelona v Bayern Munich
  8. I'm looking into getting one of those things. Look handy.
  9. Great to read your report guys. Glad you enjoyed it. I will try harder to make it next season if you're still on.
  10. Is this United game on tv in Japan? Not a peep here in the UK, not even Sky or Setanta. The best we can get is BBC Five Live radio.
  11. Shucks I was hoping for some more points dropped.
  12. Originally Posted By: rach If Kaka does join City, it would be hilarious watching him and Robinho lining up against Colchester United next season in the Championship. Utter madness this all is, but it would almost be worth it for that to happen. Kaka signs, City still shite with no class, get relegated!
  13. Well 5 goals can't be bad. First half was the usual bore though, as you have read in the reports.
  14. Scholes is a legend, as is Giggsy, but they are both down on pace now and sometimes even holding the team back - like yesterday. Sad to see, but Fergie needs to act on that reality.
  15. Outrageous day and it's not over. If true, Citeh have made bids in excess of 90 million in the last 12 hours. Looking like Mr Berbatov will be wearing the Number 9 of Manchester United though. (Fingers crossed).
  16. I see that lovely man Mr Terry has been given back the England captaincy.
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