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  1. Being an AET ROCKS! I have the best time, I take my work seriously, my school takes me seriously - and I play hard too.
  2. My first time is next week. Thanks for the writing - this forum has been a great read and will continue to be so I reckon. Can I join in
  3. I live in Shizuoka, with the mighty Fuji-san in good view!
  4. I teach (or pretend to), like many others. Any other AETs here?
  5. I'm new here and this is my first winter in Japan. Next week I'm off out to Nagano for the first time. I've been skiing and boarding for the best part of 10 years. I was just wondering - are the 'general public' here in Japan generally skilled or what? I'm looking forward to it and don't quite know what to expect on so many levels. It should be fun!
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