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  1. They are doing same thing they did for PS2 - make it very difficult to get hold of when launch and create buzz about it. But I think that may backfire (?) because people angry at not being able for getting it. I heard just 200,000 units at launch, but maybe 5 tmes that people want it.
  2. Great have a good time, how long will you be there?
  3. Quote: What would you think and what would you do if your kid got arrested for the same crime as i have? I'm not accusing you of being a bad parent, just wanted your opinion.. In previous post liks about you wanted my opinion and I gave it in later post, and I thought maybe you reply after that. But maybe no....
  4. Thats what I heard veronica on the news last night. Let us hope that they are incorrect!
  5. I will be going to four, two I want to go to the other two I'm not so keen about it.
  6. I just wish I could take long holiday, like 2 or 3 weeks at same time.
  7. I hope you reply again, Thunderpants.
  8. I don't particularly respect them... I don't dislike them or thinking that disrepect as such. But I would respect them more if they did more useful thing than spending time fighting some drug laws.
  9. Quote: If people have a lack of respect for a particular law In this particular case, I am quite sure that most people in Japan would not feel that a change in any drug laws is wanted and there are so many more important things.
  10. What is Band Aid (I thought it was medical plaster..?)
  11. I accept laws are not static and unchanging. That does not changing my feeling about this. I am not interested in researching and debating such things - especially those concerning issues like drugs. Why should I? There are many more important and urgent issues in world than this and I am far too busy with my own life to be concerned with such things.
  12. Thunderpants. Sorry for delay. Quote: Did you know that the maximum sentence for kidnapping in japan is 5 years? The maximum sentence for smuggling weed is 7 years. I do not know much about sentences for any crimes, no. I am generally not interested in such thing. Quote: I get happy from smoking, it improves the quality of life for me! Maybe, but it is illegal. That is fact. If you want to enjoying it, why not live some place you know it is ok to doing it? Quote: What would you think and what would you do if your kid got arrested for the same crime as i
  13. I am happy that you are now free Thunderpants. It must have been quite an experience. The law sure looks like it's not perfect, and quite severity, but I think there are far more worthy things that need peoples efforts to do with than to trying to change laws regarding the drugs. It's quite simple, just don't do them.
  14. Quote: I would be careful with the label "fool" of people who break the law. A fool is a person who blindly follows the law and doesn't question it from time to time. I did not say straight that someone who is breaking the law is a fool. I said that someone who brings drugs into Japan - knowing that it is illegal and in particular that Japan is very strict on drugs - is foolish. I think it's quite simple. It's not the same as stopping on side of road to go in 7-11 ( ). You really think that? I'm sure if you can read it my post then you can see that. I had enough of this an
  15. A fool? Well, ok, he decides to try to get drugs sent to him in Japan. He knows it is illegal, probably knows that Japan is fairly strict about drugs. That sounds foolish to me.... Do you think it sounds smart?
  16. Are you going to be travling to some place in Europe this winter to enjoy the snow over there?
  17. Quote: I didn't say you were lecturing Taguchi but you seem to like jumping to conclusions. You challenge my assertion that Thunderpants is a good man. What do you know about my relationship with him? We could be friends for all you know. I know nothing about your relationship with him. You could be best friend with him. That is why I asked the question "Do you know this person?" in my post. That's a question, right? trying to find out if you know him or not? From what I know, I think he's a fool. That's all.
  18. Who is trying to lecture him? I'm not, who is? All I saying is just I have no sympathy. So I'm not sure why that might be "pathetic". Do you know this person? Is that why you call him a "good person" and "brave"? Or is he a good person and brave because he brought drugs into Japan? To me, that is very strange.
  19. But he did something that surely he know was illegal. And he got caught. He cannot complain that if got caught for breaking law then he might be punished for it. I just don't have sympathy with it, thats all.
  20. I can't read that all now but that sounds very sad situation. People must be careful, of course. Surely that is very rare case. But anyway in this case of like Thunderpants, he of course knowingly did the unlawful thing, and so he cannot blame anybody but themselves.
  21. If you don't break the law, it doesn't matter how severe and brutal it is because you have absolutely nothing to worry about. (That does not mean I think it is ok now, I also think too severe)
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