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  1. I plan on getting my first 'air' this season. Wish me luck. Just 2 more weeks
  2. I think he's very endearing - seems like a real nice person, amazing passion for what he's doing. I don't imagine all Aussies are like that. Might be good if they were
  3. Nope. Hopefully soon though. Lets have a big dump of snow soon!
  4. It's at Anfield, Liverpool are going to storm it.
  5. I (feel I) should be taking level 2 today, but I'm not...decided not to when the applications were going in because my level is not up there. Wish I was taking it now, just for the experience. So, hey, test-taking people - how was it then???
  6. I'm fairly new. Should be doing the Japanese test today, but I'm not. Feel bad.
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