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  1. hey slow, sunrise, others-hows it going? being back in the us is nice, but definitely a lifestyle adjustment bc i'm in school and have no money. and i really miss nagano- esp now that its winter!! i was hoping to visit zwelgen in canada (she's a lifty at fernie this season) to get some riding in, but it doesnt look like its gonna happen " title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> and slow to answer your q- its at least 2 hours nozawa-hakuba by car. more (up to 3+ hrs) depending how fast you get thru nagano city and snow conditions. not sure if there's a shortcut thru kinasa/togakushi
  2. ooh i wish i could be there again this year. instead i'll be in chicago where the high is supposed to be -12C... yikes! i definitely recommend anyone contemplating to make the trek and see this violent, sake-soaked festival. once you're there, you might as well ride the best slopes in japan!
  3. i'm in the middle of tom robbins latest called villa incognito. its funny, thought-provoking. and a tanuki plays a very prominant role.
  4. havent been here in a while bc i moved back to the us and the dial-up connection at my parents house where i'm staying sucks. so sorry if this has already been posted... anyways, with the election coming up, i am feeling very political at the moment. want to make sure all you americans still in japan are registered to vote by absentee ballot. check out these voting help sites- Federal Voting Assistance Program http://www.fvap.gov/index.html To obtain a Federal Post Card Application go to: http://www.fvap.gov/pubs/onlinefpca.html To get help filling out the FPCA
  5. do: snowboarding, swimming watch: basketball, soccer, surfing
  6. when i die, i wanna be an organ donor or donate my body to science or whatever. then they can burn the remains and sprinkle 'em somewhere. when i was younger i wanted was thinking the place would be off a hillside on st. john but now i dunno.
  7. i'm with you powwwers- i really dont like milk, dont see the point of drinking it as you grow older. i prefer rice milk for cereal, but i rarely eat cereal so its not a big deal. cheese on the otherhand, is fabulous.
  8. woohoo i'm headed to okinawa on friday for a week!! anyones who's been got good recommendations for places to party in naha, beautiful beaches and/or campsites elsewhere on the main island? thanks!
  9. he totally gets on my nerves too- kinda gives me the willies.
  10. i usually get anywhere from 7-9 hours. i need a lot of sleep during the week, otherwise my body gets run down. in college too many 4hr-nights made me sick.
  11. ate lunch sent emails made some photocopies sweated whens this typhoon supposed to hit anyways?
  12. the coolest thing about the olympics are the athletes. just the fact that they are the BEST in their country or in the world is amazing. they are the absolute top of that sport. i was really lucky in high school to be coached one year by a member of us field hockey team. she was so inspirational and i seriously think i played my best that year.
  13. their eyes were watching god by zora neale hurston got recommended to me by several friends. is really good, though sometimes i have to read the dialogue outloud to understand what was spoken bc of the accent.
  14. yeah i'd def recomment a eurail pass. you can get one for unlimited travel for 1 month or two or one with a limited number of unconsecutive days. i had a 10-day pass about 5 years ago and it was really easy to cheat to get extra days
  15. getting a masters. hoping it'll help me later when i apply to doctoral programs in psychology. but sometimes i'm really excited about it, other times i feel like theres something different i should be doing, but what???
  16. i'm going back to school and about to go into big debt. am wondering if it'll all be worth it.
  17. yeah it bugs me when red wine in jland is served chilled. seems to happen most places.
  18. are there any bars in tokyo that sell it?
  19. i use three different shared computers at work (which all have a j OS) so its easiest just to use online stuff. besides viruses i dont get too much spam (even after 5 years with 1 hotmail account) bc i've got kind of a strange address- combo of letters, numbers, and underscore.
  20. i think its still illegal in the us, but you can get it here in japan. theres an absinthe cafe in osaka. i had a drink there and it didnt really do much. tasted like black licorice. would like to try it again, but have a few more.
  21. Quote: Originally posted by frannyo: How many people use only internet based mail? Surely almost none. Certainly very few. really? i only use internet based mail- have accounts with hotmail, yahoo, and gmail. its easy to do lots of mail at work on the comps in the teachers room or when i travel. i have my own laptop, but i just use internet-based mail on it too. time to load isnt a prob bc most comps i use have fast connections. am i really one of the few who do?
  22. one of my friends told me that during his school's high school graduation, many of the teachers remained seated during the national anthem. i'm not familiar with the song, so i dont know if it is sung at my jhs ceremonies.
  23. i'm leaving japan for good aug 4th. dont have to be anywhere til sept 21st to start school. am planning to travel a bit around the us- northern cali and along the east coast from virginia north.
  24. i enjoyed the second part more than the first. it wasnt as gory. overall, i liked the two films- not masterpieces or anything, but fun to watch. would be nice to see them together, but work fine separate.
  25. US- le freak by chic UK- YMCA by the village people those are some memorable ones.
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