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  1. Agreed sava. The fact that he is a newcomer is a bit of an issue though
  2. To my knowledge gamera has not once mentioned his place on the forums by name anyway, not in his posts or in his signature. The article about gamera is a totally different case. We wanted to interview him as he had an interesting story to tell. There definitely is a business aspect to a lot of sport. And if a company wants to advertise to the many thousands of people that use the site/forums, they can contact us and we can talk about it. Registering on these forums and just promoting themselves is not something we will accept.
  3. (Not this case of course, but you would not believe the amount of problems deleting the very few posts that we do, (nearly or totally) blatant ads, gives us.... 'freedom of speech', 'it's a disgrace', 'what about my rights', expletives thrown at our editor email address etc etc. It can be quite distressing.)
  4. Haha. Just to keep things consistent, this type of talk may well be more appropriate kept to PMs and mails.....
  5. Toque, we all do have other handles (some more active than others!) but keep them separate from the SJ ones.... A boring period sounds like something I'd really like to experience actually, it's been a while
  6. Here you go http://www.snowjapanforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi/topic/1/5831.html? ...these are the current prioities.
  7. No, there aren't snowfall stats in the features. There is snow depth info on each resort details page ---- and that data will be updated with the latest info before the start of the new season.
  8. No need to worry about this one - Tsuchitaru is a tiny tiny 300 meter long one run type of place deep in the valley nearest to Gunma.... they only used to get visitors in the low thousands for the whole season even in peak times. Apparently (and this is not confirmed, just what I heard from some Yuzawa people), the reason for having it was that they had a cunning plan to have an I.C. made on the Kanetsu Expressway directly from Tsuchitaru through the mountain to Naeba, and Tsuchitaru was strategically placed if they were going to go ahead with that. That plan never went ahead of course a
  9. Over the last few months or so, we’ve been busy working on some new stuff and changes for the site in time for next season. You’re going to have to wait a while to see those changes online, but in preparation for that over the next week we are going to be doing some fiddly technical work on our server which will affect the site and Forums. So what, you say?! Well, most of the site should be unaffected, but it will mean that over the next week or so there will be times when the Forums are either: - turned off (in which case you won’t be able to read them) or - you will not be ab
  10. Just to answer your mail on the forum (as you asked) BagOfCrisps - unfortunately, there is no way to make a thread 'undeleteable'. If you delete the first post in a thread, then the whole thread would disappear (including everyones responses).
  11. New vid clip from snowboarding maniac added this morning: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/gallery/index-vids-snowboardingmaniac.html Thanks!
  12. (Thanks Plucky. Kintaro, can you let us know if you have any problems at all and we'll look into it for you. Sorry for being off-topic)
  13. Hi plucky There is no reason why you would not be able to PM someone Plucky and everything seems to be running ok, but we've refreshed the system anyway. Can you try sending us a PM as a check?
  14. Go to this thread for the voting! >>> http://www.snowjapanforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi/topic/1/5831.html?
  15. OK, again thanks for the designs that were sent in for the competition and thanks for all the votes as well. There were 3 designs clearly got the most votes (the three shown in this post below). So now it's time to vote for a winner. Basically each person gets one vote. There's also a second question to answer in the poll - please be honest. Also note that while comments in the thread are of course fine, "votes" posted within this thread will not be counted - if you want to vote, please make an official vote in the poll! Many thanks! ---------------------
  16. Well, from a technical point of view we update our existing online database with any modifications to the resort data (apart from the weather data) that we have. We collect it in a few different ways, one of the main ones being contacts at resorts.
  17. We don't have all of that info for each resort right now.
  18. The data currently there is snow depth. (And by the way we are in the process of updating all resort data which should be done in time for the beginning of next season.
  19. Tomorrow all being well. Sorry for the delay...
  20. Thanks. Quote: these graemlins seem to be frozen in time (not working?) The gramelins seem to be working from here - can you let us know what you mean by that and we'll check it out.
  21. Just thought we'd mention another change that has been made. Until now when people registered on the Forums, there was no email address check to make sure that the email address provided was valid. We have now changed the settings so that people who register on the Forums receive an email with a password - and then once they have been approved they login using the password that thet have been provided with. (Basically verifying that they entered a valid email address). This of course doesn't affect people who are already logged in. However, because we require that each emai
  22. Thanks for pointing that out, we've had a few people say the same. Looking into it.....
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