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  1. I was shaken just then by the earthquake!!
  2. My local K2 dude said there is a release later this month of the new K2s for next year. Will let you know what is coming out and for how much after that. The dude has the Fujatives,New Pistols and Public Enemies in now.
  3. Lets` hope Dynas pipe is better than that one they call a pipe at 47!
  4. Guess that`ll teach him for falling over twice!Must have been those V-Pros.
  5. It looks fairly solid. I went there on December 21 and they had plenty of snow. Recently they`ve opened the big kicker as well.
  6. Looks like one of those thundercats off the 80s cartoon!
  7. Yeah, man. They`re the ski with nipples! Picked up sum wide brakes for 2000 yen stoked. Just gotta get the binding attached to the skis. The colour of these puppies isn`t the best though,eh.
  8. The design on those volkls look PHAT! I`d post a picture of my new skis here but can`t.
  9. Word, man. That vid was well produced, I bought the Eisher vid and I reckon Yuuji put the Hot and Crazy movie together better. Your segment was solid (but short)had you greasin` that pipe at Hakuba. Plus a stack or two. One of the H `n C dudes said he is goin` over to ski Canada for a bit this year. Kosuke started another ski shop here in Nags. Will say G`day to all the dudes for ya. Fairly solid turn out about 50-60 people. Which chick was the one you...anyway?
  10. Whose segment is the best? My pick is Crichton the Canuck in Ready,Fire, Aim.
  11. The only bad thing about the Dyna superpipe is that it is dug North/South. Therefore in the morning one wall hard the other soft.
  12. Went to the annual Hot n Crazy (Nags ski club) video production event last nite. That crew rave about Ontake!
  13. Reckon a tweaked out reverse toxic grab is SIC!! For boarders, a nose grind is the king!
  14. Wot is that going in order of Fatness from skinny at top?!
  15. Shit, I didn`t see those specs!They are considerably wider than the Pollards or LBF accordingly to those specs!!
  16. Wot are the specs? Went to a K2 shop here in Nags, one dude bought a pair of Kahunas. When asked where he would use `em, said he maybe wouldn@t just bought `em to have `em!!
  17. Those A-frames and Wisdoms look sic but dunno if they`d fit with a helmet too well. We got a sale on them here as well 10,000 yen for A-frames and 15000 for wisdoms.
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