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  1. Haha, yeah that was a fun nite! The quote of that nite was "I think I broke my arse in half" can't remember who said that tho...
  2. ops, got mixed up between Dane and Danz, sorry bud!!
  3. Hey champ! Howz things? Still workin on ya 900 or moved on to ya 1440? Prayin for snow on d w\kend! Lates
  4. Nice work, matey! En route at d mo, livin' it up in South-East Asia! Catcha when I arrive
  5. Rico, (think I have written this b4 in a post years ago)but the safest kicker would be at Dyna near the quad. As FT said they have a spotter at all times it is open generally is about a 2 metre floater with a 12-14 metre table. They do boost it up when the Eisher Tour go there...Also they built another sizable kicker further up the hill for those lads, think it was maybe comparable to the X-games stuff. FT got vid/pics of it, I think
  6. Yeah, Tats used to cruise with us up to Gifu. Think he has been skiin at Nagano last few seasons. He is a funny dude. His last stack on that epic day at Cortina....classic!
  7. Rob Zombie is good music to listen to on the way to the mountain. Got my hands on Swollen Members latest "Black Magic" solid album
  8. Cool article man! Defo had some good times on the mountain from way back in the infancy of the SJ. And hope to keep it goin this season, eh!
  9. Sheet! Not the "R" word!! That baby really kicks in when you come home. Haha,scary shit! Yeah, this ski gear really needs to be used again soon!
  10. No new skis for me@ the mo... My Scratch BCs are leaning up against my wall@home and my couple of kits of pants/jackets. Googles, gloves etc in the cupboard. Keen to do the season with Nick...but started a job over here....Ummmm, what to do...still got time to make the call...
  11. I think this was posted previously but; http://www.freeskier.com/freeskier/news.php?news_id=556
  12. Haha! Did Damon give ya one of his bikes?
  13. Yeah nice one ebc, thanks for the info Only heard bad things about getboards...
  14. For anyone else interested in this topic, I found this link; http://www.freeskier.com/freeskier/news.php?news_id=556
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