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  1. Congrats to the youngman!!Even some Aussies in the top positions. Good to break up the American/Canadian dominance!! Check the article>www.freezeonline.com
  2. Whats` the bad thing about T-bars?They`re not hard to ride!!
  3. No but there is a "expert ski festa" here next month.Dunno whether they`ll have much new school stuff though.
  4. Nice little vid w/a rockin` soundtrack/song. Fattwins has been telling since the end of last season he`s gonna put a vid together. Maybe this is the inspiration he needs...
  5. Yeah,see Salomon has come out with the dove tail.Dunno whether this is a new innovation or an old one re-done.I haven`t been skiing long enough to know.
  6. Hey,did you get my email?Got that sequence of you doing that rail at Hakuba, you want the pics?Send us a p.message eh.
  7. Sorry,I thought the place you live was Nagano, gotta check your location.
  8. Jared, you should have hooked up w/fattwins and myself for some freeriding this last season we rode up in Nagano a bit too.
  9. Think we all agree that seeing tight jeans(white or otherwise) with the special lined region chicks have showing thru the jeans is a NO,NO!!
  10. Yeah, I tried looking at K2s new public enemy on their website but its` not there.Even though Pep Fujas and the factory team have been riding them this season as well as our buddha priest buddy!
  11. Brumbies are at long odds to win tomorrow,injurys to key players etc. But can`t let it be an all Kiwi final!!
  12. Yeah, I`ve heard bad things about K2s too. Then there are people who swear by `em(probably the minority?) Teleskier-had any probs w/yours? Gotta get new bindings too those Look P10s don`t cut it.Doing a mute and falling off,you`re kidding...
  13. Its` rugby. You can check some info about the competition(and others) at www.rugbyheaven.com
  14. Any predictions for the games this weekend or for the finals?Go the Brumbies!!!
  15. Yeah, just checked www.armadaskis.com and the skis are all sold out. I liked those Public Enemys` our buddha "new school" priest was riding, surely those K2s won`t delaminate with those three or so sizeable rivets driven into the tail and tip!!
  16. Show us a picture of your funbags then,eh!
  17. Yeah, probably a good call. I`m tippin` the scales over 90 these days and 187cms. Probably could do with sumthin` at least a bit longer. What`d Tats think of those AK Enemys and what length was that bandit riding?You could buy those Armadas over the `net. But I wanted to have a look at their software and it was all sold out dunno `bout their hardwear (skis)
  18. Yeah, the new 1080s have a 114 side cut, which is substantial eh. But this season I was riding on the models from three years ago (the blue ones,177) which are skinner than that.But towards the end of the season I discovered the pleasures of greasing rails and the soothing sound it makes on the bases of my skis so I`m probably up for some new skis.I wanna get an all-round ski, sumthin` you don`t have to change with your riding for the day.The AK Launcher or Enemy how are they?Also be interesting to see what J.F., Tanner and co put out at Armada. Heard any reports?
  19. A friend of fattwins and I (Japanese dude) has bought and sold three or four pairs of skis on Yahoo Japan this year.And he likes to tell us for CHEEP too!
  20. Yeah, twin tips are the go. Those Pocket Rockets are a PHAT lookin` ski. But a friend of mines` wife has a pair and she reckons they aren`t much chop on the groomers. Suppose it depends on what you`re doing... for an all-round mountain ski I don`t think you can fault the 1080.They go sound in the POW once you get used to `em (obviously not as good as the wider skis) and you can throw them round easily wherever else you go on the mountain too.
  21. You can never cover this topic enough!!White jeans yeah bring it on!!
  22. Good read, Ian!I was interested to hear Junpeis` story.Must admit I was extremely surprised to stumble upon a shop(343) devoted to only "New School" skiers in Niseko when I was there earlier in the year.One of their parks was fluid but didn`t seem to maintain it so well.
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