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  1. I think the companies are all as bad as each other though, au docomo and softbank.
  2. Yes sadly you cant expect for your bill to go down just because you have paid off for the phone.
  3. Well, he did eventually make it to Mt Granview. Where's Mold on the list, I wonder?
  4. It is a fun programme. How often is it on?_
  5. These underground worm-like 50cm long things sound pretty gruesome!
  6. I think the charge is around 3% of the total. As to whether you add that on or not, you decide!
  7. Wonder how much "nicking stuff" goes on related to these. Suppose they have cameras checking everything that's being done. But that'll need people to check won't it?
  8. Hokkaido is booked up for 3 years solid isn't it? Don't need flights!
  9. Have you been training at all? Thinking about the Mt Granview bit....
  10. Friend of mine was telling me that down in Kansai, it's a mostly snowboarding scene - like 85-90%. For those been riding down there in recent years, Honto ni? Sometimes he tends to exaggerate!
  11. I just don't like "doing business" and so will try and get out as soon as I can.
  12. Longest course too.... there seems to be multiple longest course resorts too. I think they count Course A + Course B + Course C. Or not. Even Kandatsu has a steepest of 45. The jolly interesting SnowJapan search thingy has 66 resorts with a steepest of 38 or over: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/search
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