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  1. endzero.............. im not rowdy! im just full of exciting and interesting questions! im not rowdy..... or am i!?!
  2. its a 5 hour drive to the snow from my house so we have the option of drive or bus... thats pretty cool that you can catch a train. is it expensive?
  3. im much more fond of bitey cheeses or... my fav is brie or camenbert? (no idea how to spell it) YUMMO! cheese and crackers
  4. REally!? man.... i didnt think any of you would wear them... they arent warm...?? odd here in Aus most people wear thick jackets and if anything just shell pants to keep the tracky pants warm!? culture shock hey!
  5. Hey all... just wondering if anyone has ever used shells? *shells* being waterproof pants or jacket not thick but just to wear over the top of your cozy clothes? A mate of mine used them found them to still let you get a bit soggy.... Has anyone else tryed them or do you all use fullon waterproof warm jackets and pants? just a thought....!
  6. PISH POSH, METAL SMETAL.... how can listening to metal while boarding mmm.... what im trying to say is, its angry it would make you go and kick skiers or mac it down a mountain and axe your self? mmm... im more fond of the punky happy stuff...!??! metal aint my thing?
  7. It is getting cheaper... here in Aus, you can get a NCG, PS2, XBX, all for around $299 with a game... they used to be much more expensive.... the NCG is cheaper here because it dsont play dvds. money wise the XBX is most expensive and PS2 just sits in the middle...
  8. Cheese man..... i love cheese but not enuff to see photos like at online! i'll just go to the fridge if needs be!!
  9. mmm... i have found if ya wipe the lense and then it drys u get those anoying little "was wet dry spots" u know the little splodges! mmm... shouldnt most googles have vents?
  10. do you guys have who whats to be a millionare too??
  11. LACES?! maybe its so when you are making the boot tighter then you can wrap the lace around ur hand for extra pull? or maybe so u can wrap the excess round the top of your boot to make it tigher? sure theres a logical reason!
  12. ok i'll bring both... What brands do you guygs Recommend im thinking bout getting new googles mine are 80's they were my sisters... so im currently using Why (sunnys) and Smith Googles. i was thinking Black flys googles?
  13. cool, i like those, i use Dakine Mittens they are good but i have found them to be a little leeky mind you i do fiddle with my bindings a lot in the snow and the day they got wet it was rain snow they are cossie but! i wanna get some inners for them.... dose it get frezzing cool for ya phingers in japan?
  14. thats the camera drew has.... Casio "g-shock" seems pretty sturdy... i have a panasonic digital video camera which should be pretty cool to play with at the snow. were would you keep yours while riding? i rode with a normal camera at the snow in australia, i just had it around my neck so it sat inside my jacket seemed to be fine there?
  15. Hey all... Just wondering if anyone ever uses Sunnies instead of Googles in Japan?? Here in Australia you tend to use googles only on the "near" whiteout days and sunnies the rest of the time... Just wondering... whats your preferance and why?
  16. mmmm.... bother...mum was wrong... mmm... drew was right...?? odd... thats the way it seems to work.
  17. I havent tryed them.... you should try Flow boots they are soft and you can walk so normal it just feels right! FLOW BABY!
  18. DUDES Are you serious that they play music on the mountians?? Thats really really odd..!?!?!? and exactly is J pop?? is that Japanese Pop music?? I think im gonna have to invest in a new walkman or mp3 play or somthing.. i wont be able to handle "JPOP" ?? Im a PUNK GIRL!!
  19. Ok i get ya point!! but i still would have thought quality of snow was the most important but if ya gotta get a helicoptor to get to the snow mmm.... i donno! nice pic but kids!
  20. Australia is in a tugg-o-war with 3 consoles... PS2, XBOX, NGC (nintendo game cube) I have a NGC and have had a N64 and a SNES... im a sucker for nintendo...!
  21. mmm.... Vegemite is yeast extract and marmite is beef extract.. just thought i'd clear that up!
  22. good call endzero!! Ah.... i love the simpsons.... "Stealing how could you...? havent you learnt anything from that guy who gives the sermans at church...? captain whats his name??"
  23. ocean11 how cool is the vegemite site hey! thanks for recommending thtat one! Caio
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