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  1. at least they have the hope of going to a friendly family unlike the abused bears and other animals in china... its discusing to see what they actually do to them.... soooo sad. what ever happend to animals rights in those countrys?
  2. Game Cube! Game Cube! Game Cube! Game Cube! Game Cube! Game Cube! just my 2 cents!
  3. the Osbournes Kick but! they are a good for a laugh! how can you hate a family were the mum pee's in her sons bottle of jack daniels! HAHEAHE....oh dear... funny stuff...!!
  4. 3 questions.... 1, is that man made snow at all?? 2, do u ever have man made snow in japan?? 3, how much is a snow pass for a day??
  5. flows are fine i cant see the problem they dont have any fiddely clicky straps they are wuick and easy all ya gotta do is click the ankle support up and your on your way! WALLLAA..... ps. personaly y would u wanna use bindings that you ahve to click in little straps after every lift? meh ... just a thought?
  6. i dont mean i have only been out with them 2 times i mean i use them on the 2 trips i went to the snow this year, so i have used them for about a week or boarding all together..... i didnt have any troube with them i use flow boots which are the right shape for the binding so i didnt have any misshape stuff.. i dont care if ocean thinks they are "SHITTY" bindings its all personal opinion.... i had an awsome time with mine no troubles at all i dont know any freinds that have ever had any troubles with them an my bros been using them for bout i donno as long as i can remember 7 years
  7. wow thats y to early!! im an 8:00 for most things i lay in till 8:30! haehahehae im a lazy shit~
  8. deeeb's im a lazy s h i t i didnt get up to my bros shop sorry! will keep you posted when i go! sorry!! an as for flow bindings, they are simple not fiddley and i liked them im not going to change my mind i have boarded with thim 2 times and didnt have a problem sorry to hear others have i rate them pretty high, i think that they are a very stable very reliable binding!
  9. oh dear... thats a shocker!! were did u come up with that!! thats a fair classic of a "joke" i fully visualised it a guy sitting in his blue singlet and y fronts with a vb and feet on the table with the thongs! ah.... I think its up to 50% off i'll c tomoz.... i'll post tomorrow night prolly an let ya know! sleepsnow
  10. i aggree... i donnow what that chick was swimming in salt or fresh but still what a goose there was signs and everything thats like asking take me back o Bali ! please please someone do somthing bad to me! i mean come on u gotta be a silly goose...!
  11. Quote: A bloke is sitting in the lounge room watching the telly and slurping a beer. His wife walks out of the kitchen and tell him to get his feet of the coffee table and to please stop wearing a singlet and underpants around the house. What did the bloke do wrong? ummm is that a trick question...? he wore a singlet and undies and had his feet on the table!?!?!?!? aww...! my bros shops have sales on at the moment he dose carry heaps and heaps of snow gear im getting me set up tomorrow , palmer board purrl the top one up there ^, and flow boots and bindings... YAY! he carrys heaps
  12. yeah hes a cool dancing monkey! man late night at least theres some cool shows on... GO RICKI GO RICKI!
  13. u better get a potato sack and some wooly socks so she dsoent compain bout the cold other wise ud be better off with a different bag!
  14. DUDE! how stoopid can u be to go swiming in a freshwater lake in the middle of the NT, with DONT SWIM CROCS IN WATER with the internation red circle with a line thur it!! Dude... ya gotta be kidding me if you think that clever thing to do!! that must just have been that persons fait.
  15. im always online at about 10to oh bout 12:30-1:00 am (Australia time) so im a bit og a night owl...
  16. in Australia no i wouldnt even think of listening to music but apprently in japan they have speakers all the way down the mountian?? mmm... im not in to JPOP! but hey!
  17. K I C K A S S ! ! ! ! WOOOHOOOO!!! thats unreal! drew and i will be there in 75 days!!! YAYAYAY keep em coming!
  18. i see were your coming from but even the most athletic people and olympians get injuries and pains.... your body if uncontroalble so what ever wants to hurt will hurt... i reckon im pretty fit but i still get a sore arch of my foot everynown again... it think its from what type of floor your walking on, were i work hasnt got support under the carpet its just concreat and i get a sore arch from that because it dosnt support your foot proplery but that hasnt got much to do with being fit you can have healthy happy muscles and not be fit you might not have any endurace at all... me
  19. hey all come on lets see what you ride!?!? HAS anyone got a board bag??!?!? any brand recommendations?
  20. man Australia is having the wackiest weather at the mo, how about u guys? it was tops of 34 the other day and then one day later it was the coldest day on record for that date in 11 years... it was like 15 degC. Wacky stuff singlets and shorts to trackies and jumpers! and uggies!
  21. i dont mind them... i prefer their older stuff it had more passion in the songs....
  22. the arch of the foot thing has got S H I T to do with being fit.... not a thing at all. really i know its got nothing to do with it its like getting a sore finger u dont get sore fingers cause your unfit..... it a tenden thing. i dont know how to stop it, i try walking different and i look like a spastic! but sometimes it helps!
  23. whats the comparison?? has anyone been to the Australian snow feild "Perisher Blue"? Its in NSW, near jindabynee. Its got Blue Cow, Mth P, Center Valley, Guthager, Pretty Valley and Zalis...?? its pretty huge. what are some of the japanese fields like in comparsion??
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