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  1. Good ones. Are some of these monkeys being kept as pets?
  2. Well, that buddy is me and it was truly wild seeing that place again after having ridden there back in 2004/2005... In fact, I didn't even remember the whole Plaza part! -How I could've forgotten that epic complex I have no idea... The resort was pretty decent to ride back in the day. The terrain was varied, quite open, it all funneled down into one valley like Cortina so you couldn't get lost, and they had a backcountry gate that they would open if conditions allowed. The backcountry gate gave you access to a 15~20min ridge-line hike up to the peak above the resort, which in turn gave
  3. Looks nice wherever it is. Folks, he said wrong prefecture to someone saying a place in Nagano. So I reckon it's not Nagano.
  4. Very recently seen Muse and yesterday Depeche Mode here in London. Both were really good. A good week indeed.
  5. Lots more data out in the next day or so, so we could be seeing more movements.
  6. Perhaps the sitting a bit further back comes into play there.
  7. Hope he doesn't end up at Chelsea. Just too ugly (and scouse).
  8. Makes for a refreshing change anyway. Lots of rumours about The Special One coming back to Chelsea.
  9. 'Unanswered real question' morphs into 'constant attack'. Such drama! If she had personally given each family 100,000 quid along with a free furnished home, you'd find stuff to pick holes in. There's enough documented stuff out there from enough people to find out and read up on what are considered the other side of the coin if you really want, but as I'm rather busy and you're obviously not actually interested, I'm certainly not wasting my time doing that. As I said before, I'm mostly just quite amused at gently prodding haters to see just how much blinkered hatred comes floodi
  10. Looks good. Had some funky 'peanut butter' in Japan that was more like peanut flavored cream or something, sweet it was.
  11. Had some very nice Timothy Taylor's last night.
  12. don't know new one but very well thought out Metabo.......very thorough work!
  13. Agreed there. they're not saying anything yet
  14. Saw that fr the first time last night, good one.
  15. Seems to be talk of some other explosion in Boston now?
  16. No thanks. 1) I really don't care enough 2) I really believe you Going back to the coal mines, I found this: These are the figures for the sharply declining number of coal mines open each year under Labour. 1964 545 1965 504 1966 442 1967 406 1968 330 1969 304 1974 250 1975 241 1976 239 1977 231 1978 223 1979 219 These are the figures for the Thatcher years: 1979 219 1980 213 1981 200 1982 191 1983 170 1984 169 1985 133 1986 110 1987 94 1988 86 1989 73 1990 65
  17. Nope. Similarly, I don't think everyone (those 3 million you mention so often) who lost their job applied themselves and adapted to the new reality. Does everything need to be so extreme? No, actually I didn't say I thought she was 'great'. I said I thought she did good things. I didn't agree with some. I just find the extreme hatred and contempt of her endlessly curious.
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