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  1. I must be missing something. What on earth is so cool about muppet Yoda?
  2. I always remember the "JR Ski Ski" ads and campaign. They always had a trendy Ski Song attached to it. It was basically used for GALA (they are owned by JR) who used it as a motto kind of thing, but was in fact just a "lets go ski on a Shinkansen" ad. They were so serious about it JR SKI SKI. Made me laugh. Any other ads or campaigns, funny or not people remember? Cheers
  3. Wicked site, aint it Seiko? I havent been here for a bit and its gotten really busy, quite surprised seeing as though todays so hot!
  4. I'm going to be moving to just north of Matsumoto soon hopefully. Good city is it? I've heard good things...
  5. See the crash? Hes lucky to have escaped that one
  6. Oh yeah....and Miss Lemon, Poirots secretary. Strangely horny.
  7. So is there bikini skiing/riding ANYWHERE in the world?
  8. Whats the quickest, bestest place in Nagano from Tokyo then, Japan-peeps?
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