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  1. The local brewery near Maki (near Niigata city) is really good.
  2. Must have been out about 50 times now. I live fairly near Myoko Kogen, so that's my turf.
  3. An increasingly warm skier right now. Getting too warm too quickly here. Dread to think how hot this summer will be.
  4. I live just to the north of Joetsu city on the Japan Sea in Niigata. It was up to 23 degrees yesterday according to my local tv weather report - usualy temps for early June!?!?!??
  5. Hakkoda is well sweet, I agree. But Nozawa (Nozzy, Ocean11?) takes it for me.
  6. How about "suberu-er". Forgive the poor attempt at silly Japanese....
  7. I pretty much agree with what is being said here. My personal favorite is 47/Goryu, but as a whole I really love Shiga Kogen and all it stands for ....great place to spend a few days. Both really cool areas though.
  8. Are there ski/board resorts in Korea at all???? I had no idea.
  9. This is my 4th season. Probably about 25 times in that time....trying to double that this season. Guess who has a better job than before!!!?
  10. Therez a great onsen up the Naeba mountain - dont know if it is open in winter or not. Forgot the name, will try to find out again.
  11. I'm having a friggin' excellent season. Seems as though this week is mild and not too good, but the snow will come back and thesre are always dry periods every season. Wicked snow before this week in Nagano, Niigata and Yamagata.
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