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  1. What rock climbers dip their hands into when climbing. Generally filled with chalk powder, but I guess in this case it would be filled with something else
  2. When I was at Niseko the other week, I noticed a lot of the Japanese people with a chalk pouch hanging from them. Just wondering what the reason for that is
  3. Yep, I was there on the last Thursday, and yes the small sculptures were melting. The big ones were OK cause you couldn't tell they were melting. It was all still very good.
  4. Are there any access to email in Niseko for keeping in touch with home base?
  5. What are prices like in Japan compared to what they would be like at home in Oz. In particular bindings purchased in Niseko. Would it work out cheaper to buy them in Japan or at home?
  6. Get some heel anchors! Made by Dakine I think, if not it's Bakoda, but there probably others as well. Have not tried them personally, but have heard they work really well. They cost about $20US, so whatever that works out to in your local $$$ is still a lot cheaper than forking out for new boots Here, found this http://www.dakine.com/frontend/catalog.asp?session=868524111620&se=6&ca=7&sca=Boot&i=2200-150-21# [This message has been edited by sarge (edited 01 February 2002).]
  7. I checked the website to find out info about the place, but it's no longer there. Do they have a new site? Can anyone privide more info than what is already on this site?
  8. What youth hostels are any good in Tokyo? Also are any of them near the indoor ski resorts? And are any of the above easy to get to from Haneda and Narita airports?
  9. Is Japan having a bad season, or is it just not got into full swing yet. There doesn't seem to be the daily dumpings that are made out to frequently occur
  10. How long does it take to bus it between the 2 airports? How long after arrival at narita should I book flight from haneda?
  11. Is there any of those indoor slopes in Tokyo. I will be there for a couple of days on my way home to Oz. Those places would definatley be worth a look
  12. Where can i find some snowcams for Niseko? Is there a site that bunches all the Japan cams together, not including the ones on the SJG site? [This message has been edited by sarge (edited 02 January 2002).]
  13. You can bus it to Niseko from the airport at Sapporo apparently. Or train
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