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  1. this is fattys dad, i agree with the person that said i rip!! one day fatty might be able to keep up with me on the hill and in the pub!!
  2. Thats sad. Last summer I went there about twice a month to cool off and remember how to ski.
  3. For me that is Norn Minakami. Not TERRIBLE, just the worst that I have been to.
  4. OK, folks. Tell it like it is....your favorite resort. I'll start off: Zao
  5. I bet the hotels and pensions in Mitsumata and Tashiro arent too happy about that. The Prince Hotel trying to scoop up all the business early and late in the season it seems? Can't see the point in it myself. p
  6. stay the night nat! great place for a few days on the slopes.....its a wasted opportunity if you do the day trip - stay for at least 2 days to get the most out of it. p
  7. hi beth welcome to THE japan winter site....gets really hot here in winter. where are you living? in tokyo? p
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