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  1. Yo! Ocean, in the year 2018,there'll be HOOVER-SNOWBOARD to ride you uphill... think about that! peace&cheers!!
  2. mixed bathing onsen is a really good tradition they should bring back.... peace&cheers!
  3. check it out!http://www.skijapanguide.com/2002/features/general-43.html peace&cheers!
  4. yo man, i'm not suggesting skiboard will take the place of snowboard, nor ski. just like inline skating can't replace skateboarding.different people ride on different gear to do different things! bruce lee said,"kung-fu is a finger pointing to the moon,but if you keep looking at the finger,you won't be able to see the beautiful moon!" just a thought. peace&cheers.
  5. skiboards do float in powder! i was a boarder for 5 years and tried skiboard for fun last season. just one morning in hakuba47, i picked up the sport and carved shoulder-to-the-ground! afternoon? i started to jump!! another things i like about skiboard besides the instant fun ride is the gear is cheaper and easy to carry when you travel! peace&cheers!
  6. they call it funski in japan,you ride on a pair of short ski (75cm-99cm) with no pole. check out more www.skiboards.com peace&cheers!
  7. Guys,any comments on Kiroro Snow World? How is it like? Peace&Cheers. Lineski.
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