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  1. Interesting. Never done it, but what is the best place to go cc then here in Japan? Is the Hakuba olympic place the best?
  2. Hey Matt I was there the day after you. Excellente place, love it. Great conditions too.
  3. I'm not too into that place either. I read it somewhere on skijapanguide, but it is owned by loads of different people - so thats why it seems so disjointed.
  4. I find that you can get by very reasonably in Japan. I dont live in the city too, so costs dont seem too bad to me at all.
  5. As much as I can when the conditions are acceptable. Maybe until the middle to end of April.
  6. Nowhere this weekend, but will be making a trip up to Gunma and Niigata from Mon-Thurs next week.
  7. Anyone fill me in a bit on Zao Yamagata? I hear it is a really good place, but anything anyone can tell me will be a big help. Thanks Eggelb
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