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  1. Moby's 18 is out Thursday. Play is superb stuff - I have heard that the stuff is a little more "ambient" than Play. After all, he can do what the heck he wants selling 10 mill copies of Play.
  2. Michelin are reported to be bringing Barcelona-muke tyres this week, hoping to narrow the gap between them and the Red Ones. We must all take a moment to hope that the championship goes down to Suzuka late in the year. 'fraid it won't happen, but....
  3. Steel Dragon rocks. Definitely worth a trip. The other place I like - fitting perfectly in with my Japan Suzuka F1 experience - is the park they have just by the race track... a few decent rides there.
  4. Looks like Suzuki Ami might be back soon hey? Old "potato-head" AMURO is the best by far. For sheer marketing genius, Tsunku and his team get the prize (the people behind the Musumes, etc etc etc).
  5. There's no-one there! Where are they all? Maybe avoiding the rain!! Haha
  6. In my - limited - experience, Japan gets a huge amount of snow. I think someone was talking about this in another thread. Quality? In Hokkaido etc, up with the best. I have seen some amazingly bad conditions though in regions around Gunma, but that was maybe just timing.
  7. Anyone help out? There seem to be quite a number of resorts in Hakuba that are recommended: Happpo Tsugaike 47 Goryu Cortina Iwatake Just a bit lost as to which to go to...I have 2 full days on the board up there. Can anyone point out to me the good and the bad? Cheers! Great community!
  8. I agree with Ocean11 - was actually there on Saturday. It is a great place and should be celebtrated more! Hurrah! Hurrah!
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