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  1. Mammoth in Shiga Kogen? Open in 3 days? You live in Shiga Kogen? ?!!!
  2. I haven't used them or any Salomon boards at all, but just out of interest is there any reason why you're going with a salamon in the first place, Chris?
  3. I will hopefully be up there around then. How long are you going to be up there for Nat?
  4. I agree with you - not needed and a water of cash if you ask me....especially in those conditions you're talking about. Where else do you get to other than Niseko powpow?
  5. Oops, theyve changed it again....back to the one - not very fun looking - slope! haha
  6. Took a look and all I saw as a mountain! Not a complaint, just found it funny!
  7. This is going to be addictive when the snow starts falling I can tell! So can anyone help me out with comparing the 2 major places in Nagano....any recommendations between the Shiga Kogen area and the places in Hakuba valley. Cheers Ian
  8. Hunter may not be the best place by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a decent place to go for a day on the slopes. Not too difficult to get to either.
  9. Just found out about this site in the Daily Yomiuri – wish I had known before. Looking forward to the winter season. Most people here skiers or boarders?????
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