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  1. Ocean11 - I was been sarcastic. After reading your posts, which I agree with, on another thread about the war in Iraq, I thought you would appreciate the irony of this kitsch. Scouser - These magnificient handcrafted masterpieces can be purchased at http://www.collectiblestoday.com/ct/product/prdid-912316001.jsp
  2. Ocean11, I can see this sitting nicely on your mantlepiece..... Looks like a Viz spoof but unfortunately its the real thing! "No matter where his mission takes him, he'll never be beyond the reach of God's protection. As the brave members of the U.S. military head out to defend our freedom, it's comforting to know that each one is sheltered in the loving hands of God. Keep this radiant tribute near as a brilliant reminder of all those who proudly serve our country. Meticulously crafted by hand, this limited-edition Hamilton Collection collectible figurine is filled with auth
  3. Has anyone been on one of those "Shikiclub" coach trips. Looking at the site the deal seems too good to be true: 9500 twin sharing and two days on the slopes, inclduing coach to Hakuba, ski pass one day, hotel, dinner and breakfast. Obviously the hotel is not going to be exactly luxury four star but for the price..... So what's the catch - enforced group boarding, flag following or compulsory Katsu curry between 1200 and 1300 hours with a packet of Mild Seven for dessert?
  4. Danz, I haven't seen a link to it. I got given a ticket by someone in the office. You're supoposed to have an invite to get in but I've turned up to similar events before and you can register there and go in. They're just trying to get your contact details so they can spam you about other events! There is a phone number on the ticket 0120-680-590 and it seems to be organized by "Japan Snowboard Collection in Tokyo". The promotional brochure lists last years boards, boots etc at 50-55% off. The TOC sale a few weeks back was pretty decent but I have'nt been to the one at Tokyo Big Site bef
  5. There's a big winter sports sale at Tokyo Big Site from 8 -10 November. I went to the recent one in TOC, Gotanda two weeks ago and everything was discounted around 40% - picked up some decent goggles and gloves.
  6. Very personal question, but since you ask I`m more of a boxer shorts man myself... though I heard that Y-fronts are making a comeback.... hope that helps.
  7. Nat. I see you`re office is in Shibuya. Do you work for the Japan Snow Boarding Association in Shibuya because my company is also in the same building?
  8. badmigraine - I got the boots in Whistler last winter. I chose them simply for the feel and the fact that they seemed to have the best heal support after trying on numerous other pairs. I used them all last season and have no complaints at all. Pretty pricey but definitly worth the investment. My riding seriously improved after I started using them.
  9. Thanks for the reply. The reason I ended up with Salomon is partly because my boots and bindings are Salomon, partly because they seem to have had good reviews and partly becuase of the limited choice in Japan. There is such a wide huge number of manufacturers out there that I wanted to narrow it down some how and ended up with these two boards. What board are you riding at the moment? or what board would you recommend?
  10. I need some advice on getting a new board for this season. I am an intermediate rider and looking for a freeride or all round type board. I have narrowed down to two, namely Salomon 450 and Salomon Fastback. Does anyone have any experience riding these boards? I also remember that last year there was a thread on buying boards over the internet. Did anyone have any success with this or able to recommend a decent site? thanks in advance.
  11. Went up to Hunter Mountain on a day trip once last year. The place is a great resort for families and beginners but does not hold much for advanced boarders. The place itself has a very designed feel, i.e. all the slopes are landscaped - too much im my opinion, off piste is strictly fenced and roped off, however the coffee houses actually have windows facing down the slope which is pretty unusual for Japan. The lift system is OK with one main gondola going from the very bottom to to the very top. From its appearance I can only assume that it was a bubble era resort. All in all good for begin
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