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  1. Totally. And if they are ok to go on tv and present this 'character' that isn't themselves, what does it say about their... character? (Their real one. If they can remember it).
  2. One minute, living your life. Next minute, house and neighbourhood destroyed. Mind boggled.
  3. Oh me too. Though it's still moving in the "right" direction
  4. The one round the back of Niseko, Rankoshi Chisennpuri. Had a good day.
  5. I went once in spring had a great day in the park. Not huge though, as can be seen!
  6. I would say mine was probably Kiroro. Though on that day I think anywhere in the area would have been pretty much the same awesomeness.
  7. On the news last night about "Chinese cancellations" now topping 100,000 people. Not ski-related, or not specifically for any season anyway. Got to imagine that if this continues though it will have an effect.
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