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  1. Anyone have the bus route map for the Niseko free shuttle? How do you know what route they're taking?
  2. So, can I ask one question, if you're going to Niseko then, does it make sense to stay at Kutchan then shop at the supermarket and cook at the apartment?
  3. I can't really speak Japanese other than Hallo, how are you, and counting from 1 to 100, very simple japanese, can the owner of Yorkshire farm speak some English?
  4. Magseven, so please rank them if you can Teine, Tomamu, Kamui, Sahoro, Bankei, Kokusai... thanks. What happen to the snowjapan.com ranking system?
  5. Hmmm....MagSeven, where did you stay at Tomamu? And How much is yorkshire farm and the price of the lift ticket at Sahoro?
  6. i would agree with Winter Vacation. You might be bugged by would be instructors trying to teach you a thing or two for 200 yuan. Besides there isn't alot of snow there.
  7. I know this is SnowJapan.com and you're suppose to promote Japan. Yes, Japan is great especially if you're within Australia Asia region, But if you can't ski or board during January-April, would the French and Austrian Alps gives you nice long terrain, long piste runs, and lovely accomodations? I need you guys to be absolutely honest here. Places like Chamonix, Livigno, Mayrohen, solden...etc... By the way, SnowJapan should start a HooK-Up department for season skiers like Tubby, Gozaimas, MagStevens...etc should show people around. I was absolutely so lonely when I was up at Teine and To
  8. IMO Greenleaft and Hilton at Niseko village are for rich guys. Why don't you stay in Sapporo and take daily buses there? Sapporo hotels are much cheaper.
  9. i stayed at some places at Tomamu, met lots of Hong Kong, Singaporean and European people, but they kept to themselves and their friends, I did not have a blast.
  10. Wazzat mean? I saw some youtube videos of Niseko, it's like that guy skiing in Niseko was like SWIMMIMG IN POWDER, while I saw youtube videos of people skiing at Mahrofen, Austria or Italy, it's like flat terrain with MINIMAL snow. What you think?
  11. How much does it cost to stay at Shizenkan Lodge and annupuri lodge respectively? What about food? How are you planning to eat? Just curious.
  12. Is Niseko still the best place to ski compared to other European and American ski resorts? Where is the most reasonable place to stay in Hokkaido and ski?
  13. A pole that the skiers use. Our are you trying to be cheeky, like your thing? Ha ha... @Ippy, I'll take a rain check on that ;-) BTW, I am reading a book on how to board. It's called, Go snowboard. It recommended b pressure control but after I was taught by a jap guy, it's all different
  14. Thanks,Chriselle, actually I wanted to take some lessons, but it's expensive bro. It easily cost ¥5000 our more just for 2 hours. I took one 2 hour lesion at N. Village last year for snow board, this year I've forgotten all.
  15. I was at Furano yesterday. Only one or 2 course were open. I found it quite challenging even for the green line just after you get off the gondola. It's Kamui ski link, the same or easier? I found Furano quite steep for my skills level. I learnt skiing on my own. I found Tomamu green lines easier. Someone comment, please. Thanks! :-)
  16. Ippy, thanks for doing a thread. Man, you definitely have a gift for writing !
  17. Tubby, I wouldn't recommend you to buy things from Amazon, many of their products are at premium prices. Put in some effort into looking for your goods and trusted website, you'll be fine. To everyone, Which is better? Sapporo Kokusai or Teine? For beginners, in terms of value, rentals, tickets, least crowded? Feedback everyone, thanks
  18. Hey Andy, show us a picture of your stuff, I like to see what's like. Hmm... not you but most videos that I saw looks like people holding on to a stick/pole and the background changes while they are stable. You can't see the background and environment much, just seeing the guy "dancing" around and the video looking into his face. I might do that someday after I can edge and wedge with confidence. Maybe with a 155cm board.
  19. Ok, I'm an amateur with this, but how come you can't just buy a broom stick and cut it into size?! Can't you get a friend to film you as well?
  20. Nice thread, good information. I like to read about the huge amount of powder. I think everyone should go there at least once.
  21. Nope, Nagano has nice apples and water monkeys, How come you guys are ignoring my question.
  22. Yeah, I know that. But I heard Apple country has got great area to ski as well. Anyone been there? What was it like?
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