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  1. Had a similar thing a few years back. Broke my leg, needed a helicopter. It was all getting to be scary expensive if I hadn't been covered. Always get it.
  2. Quote: Prominent conservative Andrew Breitbart showed two radio hosts what is likely the X-rated photograph of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) he signaled he had in his possession earlier this week. After Sirius XM's Opie and Anthony were shown the picture, they subsequently leaked it into the public eye on Twitter. Opie wrote in a tweet, which included a link to the photo, "Opie'd eye - this is a pic from @anthonycumia phone of the infamous weiner." He subsequently said on the social media platform, "Lots of you confused how the pic got out there. Myself and Anthony will explain in a bit
  3. In Japan? Nope, but really want to get to visit. Right now, in Chicago.
  4. No firm plans at all but always wanted to get to Japan. To get there to ride the snow would be totally awesome. I found this place last night and have been spending a lot of time. It's really tuned me into the idea of going to Japan. Great site btw.
  5. Had a decent season. Spent a few weeks in Colorado, then had 10 days in Europe.
  6. College time went on a trip to Banff, is what got me started. Never looked back.
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