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  1. Hey I have a question. For the time that we are thinking of, almost everywhere seems to still have availability. We can't really book now and it is going to be maybe November before we can. Do you think that if there is still lots of spaces, prices might come down or special offers again later on in the year? Or will they hold firm and rather not fill up than have people pay less?
  2. Watched a few Eddie Murphy movies lately. Trading Places and Coming To America included, quite like those.
  3. Seriously got to be a bit of a freak to find that appealing in your food!
  4. Hoping to do 10 days in Niseko. Not worried about booking yet though, will probably do that in November.
  5. One of the sky channels is putting The Practice on Mon-Fri and getting addicted to that. Realy good courtroom drama.
  6. Pity those places aren't all linked up ie. skiable. What's the one-liner good thing about each place?
  7. First skiing, then took up boarding. Thats what I've been doing the last few.
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