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  1. Yes thanks, I do know about google maps. Like I said, I would like to hear some feedback from someone who has done it if possible. Thanks
  2. Here's mine: Predictions: WC Winner: Brazil Golden Ball: Messi Golden Boot: Ronaldo Group Stages: Group A: France and Uruguay Group B: Argentina and Greece Group C: England and USA Group D: Germany and Serbia Group E: Netherlands and Cameroon Group F: Italy and Paraguay Group G: Brazil and Portugal Group H: Spain and Honduras Quarter Finalists: France, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, England, Germany, Brazil, Portugal Semis: England, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal Finalists: Brazil and Argentina Winners: Brazil
  3. Not sure but thinking about it and would love to go. Trying to get a 2 week space sometime mid-January but it might be a few months before I can actually make a move on things.
  4. I reckon England will scrape themselves out of the group rounds.
  5. Hey folks Great to find this fine place. Been lurking for a few days now and love what I see. Japan is definitely on the radar for the winter - from the UK - so still processing such huge amounts of info. I do have a question. I know someone who will be in Furano in Hokkaido and also interested in going over to Rusutsu. I have read official info online etc, but was hoping to get some first hand feedback from people who have done it.... question is: how long can I expect the journey to be driving from Furano to Rusutsu, and perhaps a recommended route? Thanks for any expe
  6. Work's a real bummer. But I still managed to get 7 days in Switzerland and 6 days in France.
  7. 4 weeks in Zermatt working in bar did it for me. Mornings were usually no gos but had a lot of afternoons to enjoy out there. Best month of my life I recko so far that was.
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