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  1. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Did you check out all of Zao, there's some really nice intermediate kind of slopes there to check out. We boarded mostly on the Kurohime/Omori/Yokukura side of the mountain and enjoyed most parts. We did venture near the other side, but didn't explore it as fully as Kurohime side.
  2. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Nice ceecee - how did you like the different places then? Nozawa was a great resort, village was good. Just a pity we went when it was it was a spring like week and missed the massive dumps of fresh powder from the week before. Shiga had terrain which we enjoyed but there wasn't much to do after a days boarding (but we already had anticiapted this). Zao was by far the most beautiful resort but quite flat. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Nice piccies thanks. Just out of interested ceecee, how did you get from Nagano to Zao? We went ba
  3. Just a few photos of Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen and Zao Onsen. Thanks to SJ as I won some lift tickets to Nozawa Onsen. I wish I had taken more photos of Nozawa Onsen as thanks for the lift tickets but ended up having to much fun to think to take photos (Nozawa was our first stop). Hopefully the photos of the other resorts can make up for it... Nozawa Onsen, 3-6 Feb Shiga Kogen, 7-11 Feb Zao Onsen, 14-17 Feb
  4. Hi BHB I booked through the Japanese version of Rakuten. Yeah not sure if its really a 3 minute walk hence the reason why I want to know how often the shuttle bus runs around the town. Oomiya Ryokan, Zao Shiki No Hotel and Le Vert Zao were my other picks but Hotel Lucent was a better deal but can't vouch for them as I haven't been to Zao before.
  5. Because we have luggage? Walking 3 minutes isn't long but if its through snow filled roads with our luggage its going to be a pain. Or am I being unreasonable?
  6. Does anyone know how frequently the shuttle bus operates around Zao? I'm trying to figure out whether we can just walk from the Yamako Bus Terminal to our hotel (Hotel Lucent Takamiya) when we arrive (supposed to be a 3 minute walk) or whether we wait for the shuttle bus. Thanks!
  7. Just booked 5 nights at Hotel Lucent Takamiya for Feb 2011. Can't wait! Anyone stayed there before?
  8. LOL I think we'll just stick to the one hotel and deal with eating the same food for 5 nights. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Black Mountain and muikabochi. Even if there is one or two places open it suits us fine. Some people in our group dont like the idea of having to eat the same thing in the hotel for 5 nights in a row...
  10. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Zao? YOU EAT IN YOUR HOTEL! LOL ok got it. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi A group of us are thinking of going Zao in February 2011 for 5 nights. I get the impression that having dinner at your hotel is a must - is there really no other option other than dinner at your hotel? Even if there is one of two places to eat which we can walk to is fine... I've found a few places to stay at which have pretty good rates but without meals. But if there really is nowhere to eat other than your hotel them I may have to consider a few other places that offer a good rate for dinner and breakfast. Thanks!
  12. 11 days Nozawa Onsen/Shiga Kogen 5 days Zao Going to be there from 1 February 2011. Can't wait!
  13. I stayed in Meteor this season too (the Log Hotel not the pension) and agree that its a great price for a great place!
  14. Thanks Matt! Those forecasts make me feel better! Fingers crossed it comes through.
  15. Originally Posted By: snowhuntress Just out of interest. I know we will get big dumps and they will come (maybe). Are people who are leaving soon starting to get a little nervous that there is no snow and not a lot forecasted?? We don't go until February but I have been checking the weather reports daily waiting for that first big dump of the season. We're due to arrive in Hakuba on Christmas and yes we're nervous! Doing the same, checking reports daily and watching the cameras and praying!
  16. Originally Posted By: Go Native I think the nearest onsen that you can get private baths is at Kanranomori Hotel near Mt Moiwa. Yeah I saw on the Kanranomori hotel website that they hire out the private bath (and claim to be the only place to do so in Niseko) but I thought it might be a bit far from where we are staying - we're staying at Asuka apartments near Yukoro onsen. How far would it be for us to make our way from Asuka to Kanranomori hotel? Originally Posted By: thursday or book one of the onsen rooms at the Hirafutei. I wish I could but we're already booked in at A
  17. Sorry to drag up my old thread again, but are there any private onsen rooms that we can hire in Niseko? Thanks!
  18. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Haneda is on the monorail right? It might be worth pointing out to others who are booking a hotel in Tokyo before heading up to Sapporo via Haneda, book a hotel in the south eastern side of Tokyo, where Haneda is. Shibuya is way over the other side. So Shinagawa, Tamachi, Hammamatsucho etc are all better placed for accessing Haneda and all will have hotels Thanks for the tip. Very useful for planning. However we've chosen Shibuya because we want easy access to the clubs, nightlife etc. We're stayin in Tokyo for about a week and a half before hea
  19. Oh thansk for that! So long as it leaves later and not earlier then I'm happy! Strange how my itinerary should be wrong. Thanks once again for your helpful information. We might just go to Shinagawa station whilst we're in Tokyo to double check the layout.
  20. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain Yeah, 12 mins transfer is no problem there (especially at that time in the morning) Also, you generally only need to give yourself 20 mins before your flight leaves on domestic routes. So arriving at 6:06 is plenty of time. I'm assuming you are taking either Airdo or ANA (they flight share at 6:45am) If its Airdo the counter is conveniently located at the very end of the terminal (the furthest you can possibly walk without being on the runway). So have good shoes! I've arrived to the airport as late as 10 mins before the flight departed and it was no
  21. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain I've never used Tokyo Airporter but I often take that 6:45 flight from Haneda to Chitose (Sapporro). From Shibuya you can take the Yamanote line to Shinagawa at 5:25am which arrives at 6:06am at Haneda. This is only one transfer at Shinagawa. Also think about sending all of your stuff by takkyubin (baggage delivery service) straight to your accommodation in Niseko. It usually only takes 24 hours to deliver and costs about 2000Y (usually less) per bag. They'll come to pick up your stuff in Shibuya and it'll be there in Niseko when you arrive. Saves
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