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  1. Just looked at some of the previous photos..... crazy amounts of snow! Lets hope we see that rise in the coming few weeks. (especially as I will be going!)
  2. Thanks for that. Good stuff you have posted muikabochi, big help. Like the look of Hakkaisan. Cheers
  3. First place I went to was Marunuma Kogen in Gunma. Not been back since, wouldn't mind checking it out again.
  4. I wonder if I could do the 5am thing these days? I fear age has caught up with me!!!
  5. Hi there Been lurking a while and using the site the last few months. Thanks for the great service. I was lucky enough to win a ticket to Minamiuonuma as well the other week and thinking of going next weekend. I've been skiing on and off for a few years and would say I'm lower-intermediate skier (maybe). I like a decent challenge but not mad on moguls. They frustrate me because I'm just not good at negotiating them! Not good enough yet to be bouncing round in meters of powder either, so my favorite slope would be a fairly steep and long one. Can anyone recommend which
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