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Hi Blair, here is some more comparative strategy from your international peers in the ski resort industry and related community establishments:


Read the first paragraph under 'more...'


"The mayor has threatened to prosecute anyone caught in any area that is currently off limits"....."an off-piste skier was held overnight by police after triggering an avalanche in a closed sector"




As for you question above regarding resort closure due to no piste grooming due to lost off-piste riders: That's a rather strange case study?!


1. what happened to end of day patrol sweep? If that took place properly then there would be no question that the lost/injured people where not on the piste therefore no risk of mincing them with the piste bully.


2. Why close a resort just because the piste has not been bashed? Why not just apologise to clients the next day and explain that the pistes were not groomed for some other reason.


3. With respect, it sounds like you are clutching at straws trying to establish a favourable sentiment based on the emotion of 'how would you feel if two selfish people caused the resort to be closed'. Playing on selfishness will never work. The winners in this world are always selfish, the goods always go to the driven determined single minded selfish people. And that includes powder and freedom. If you don't want people off-piste then ban it. Calling people selfish wont work, even if most of us agree that selfishness is distasteful (like jumping the chairlift queue or pushing to get the l;ast seat on a crowded train).

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I had lunch with Blair yesterday. He wishes that he could post more replies directly in the forum but as this is the busiest time of the year, he is unable to. However, he appreciates the depth and perspectives of the many forum members who took the time to post regarding the topic.


First and foremost, he is concerned with the safety and well being of all the guests visiting Arai Mountain, which is why he made the post on Snow Japan forums.


Second, he told me that patrol does their final sweep but the mountain is so large and sometimes there is so much snow that every nook and cranny cannot be checked although patrol does their best. I spoke to some patrollers and they were polite and informative, plus had all the necessary avy equipment.


In another post, I will upload some pics of the cliff. In my opinion, there are only about 5-10 people in the world who could huck said cliff and live to tell about it... if they didn't break through the snow down the fall line and drop into the river/creek, drown, and get washed away.


Arai makes their no OOB policy clear by posting notices on every gondola and lift, as well as making frequent announcements on the PA system that out of bounds skiing is not permitted at the resort.

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