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okay. i'm in


board:Type A Jim Moran 159 Pro Model

bindings biggrin.gifrake F-60

boots biggrin.gifC Premiers

helmet:Pro-tec halfpipe

outerwear:Ecko Function snow-wear


gloves:Kombi and on hot days Fuel

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I just picked up Burton everything. I wonder: the board is from an American company, made in Austria. Bindings were made in Czech. Will this set-up work on Japanese snow?

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Hello all!

just wondering why no one uses Palmer Boards? by Aussie standards they are close to the best out there????


Board:Palmer Liberty

Boots: Flow

Bindings: Flow

Jacket: Scott

Pants: Virgin

Goggles: Smith

Sunnies (if in need):Why


So y no PALMERS? and y no FLOW?



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Ski (tele) Volant w/ G3 (this year Shoji's Schyco)

Board Gentem, Burton

Boots Burton SI Scarpa

Jacket Patagonia, Hoglofs

Pants Patagonia, Hoglofs


Beacon Tracker

Probe Black Diamond

Shovel Black Dimamond Lynx

Pack Wookey

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All right I'll throw in...May be 10 months late but what the hell.


Board: OPTION!! Gotta sing praises for the best snowboard maker of all time here for a second OPTION!! ahhhh. This year I am riding the Signature 161. A bigger board than I am used to (Been riding a 157) and I am looking forward to it, oh yeah.

Bindings: Ride Teams

Boots: Salomon Malamutes (Although I may go boot shopping before the season begins)

Gogs: Oakley A-Frames

Gloves: Had particulary good luck with Burtons.


I am really suprised that Snowboard_Freaks_Girl (great handle BTW) is into FLOW. ;\)

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Ski: Atomic Beta Race 9'16 - 170cm

Binding: Atomic Beta Race 412

Boot: Technica Icon ALum 3000 w/ Hot form liners and Comformable footbeds

Poles: Leki Adjustable Carbon

Suit: Phenix FIS 3D Jacket and Bib Pant

Gloves - Cold: Phenix Leather FIS

Gloves - Hot: Salomon X-country Ski Gloves

Goggles: Swans Tri-Amber

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