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  1. Just heard here on Sydney radio that Tokyo got plenty of snow overnight, first time for ages in November apparently. Anyone got any pics?
  2. ski: head boots: dalbello goggles: oakley jacket: groovstar pants: groovstar I love my groovstar gear from NZ.
  3. LN, I do have a link for the COLA charts for Japan and also for snow-forecast.com. I can do some forecasting for japan but on ly to about 6 days at the moment, not like up to 3 weeks over here in Oz. ...and by the way, it doesn't look like any snow in Japan this week. COLA (East Asia): http://grads.iges.org/pix/ea.fcst.html Snow-Forecast (Japan): http://www.snow-forecast.com/japan.html
  4. Cool! We had a pretty ordinary season over here. No snow til about August really (just on man made areas) then it pretty much stopped at the end of August and then melted. Look forward to seeing the new developments on here. You still based in Yuzawa? I think I heard you changed jobs last season.
  5. Good to see some familiar faces in here. Hi Kumi, your english is much better than many mates of mine over here in Oz. The snow over here has just about all melted: [This message has been edited by The Frog (edited 09 October 2001).]
  6. G'day Andrew! Does this site have any snow forecasts, i.e about 7 days out etc. Here is Oz we have this info supplied by various weather bureaus. Maybe a "Weather Forum" would be a good idea (like on ski.com.au) where those interested in forecasting can put up their predictions and talk about coming snowfalls. It is very successful over here.
  7. I think it's a grea idea. The Kagura/tashiro/Mitsumata areas are cool and now the rich from Naeba can get into it...should be good for business in the area.
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