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Lovely pics TB.

Your autumn leaves look much better than this area.

A few trees look nice otherwise a lot of them have just gone brown and lost all there leaves.

Really not looking promising for nice autumn leaves this year.

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But wouldnt trees in Yamanashi be at their peak later than those in Hokkaido?


Later than some parts of Hokkaido yes, but earlier than for example Sapporo.


It is not so much the timing and as this is my first full autumn here I dont know the exact timing, although every year varies in all areas anyway.

What we are not seeing here are lots of nice colourful trees, just a few.

The leaves have simply or are turning brown and dropping off, not really going different colours.


I think it has been the lack of sunshine and turning cold too quickly.


The higher parts of the mountains are just bare, we had no colour, just went from green to bare.


The lower areas have turned, but not looking colourful at all.

May be another week or two and we migjt see a bit more colour around the mountains I hope, but I do not think it will be anything special.




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Indeed that is true BM, but really just not looking nice this year.

Too much brown and not enough colour.

Another week or two will make a difference, but still not looking good this year.


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Each time you have obviously intentionally added the link manually to the post.


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Any further posts you make here will need to be approved.


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Ok I took a few autumn pics from my area, unfortunately the nice leaves are very patchy this year, so not easy to find any decent trees, but anyway just a few pics, and I will add more if I see anything worth taking pics of.







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Yes these ones were nice, but really limited actually.

Plenty of brown or half dead looking trees though.

When you look at those pics you probably think nah Snowdude is talking shit, but they were all taken in the same spot, because not many nice looking groups of trees this year, well at the moment anyway.

So I picked those on purpose for photos.

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