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Careful goz. You're not allowed to say anything in the least bit negative about Niseko. Everything about Niseko is super duper awesome*! :p





* Please note, important:

You can say what you want about anywhere else, and as much as you want!


Say what you want.


In fact, it's positively encouraged. :thumbsup:

Just hold back anything about Niseko that ain't positive, ok.

Thank you.

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Cheers mate! Make sure you get that cam out on the deep days, your vids keep me going through the long aussie summer months as I count down my days till I leave for japan. I subscribe to your youtube

No prob mate. Unfortunately I hypextended my ankle yesterday and its swollen up pretty bad today so I will be out of action for a few days I think. Here are some snapshots from yesterday riding with

Will do. Im doing the Chitose dash today. Cant wait to get home actually.

Getting some decent snow here at last but the hordes are coming into town as I type so nozawa will get tracked pretty fast IMO.

Ive had my eye on a bit of bc for a while now and I think tomorrow is the day.

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Splitboarding is starting to look more and more appetizing to me the more I look into it. Some cheap boards for about 500USD on japan auctions... but I forget the hidden costs of travel and lift tickets, ect. You try very hard to make me spend more money, though you don't realize it. Almost caved and bought the birdman 180 at full price today. Maybe next season...

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At long long last honshu got something worth talking about lol.

Went to madarao to escape the hordes at nozawa.

Madarao rocks! Pics and vids should come tonight depending on my wifi connection which is a bit sketchy atm.


I just had to snowplow my way back into the carpark and shovel an access track to the toilets! Woop.




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