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Looks familiar but cant place a name to it. Will put on my thinking cap

Tsugaike Kogen

That it is. Named after (and co-developed by the owners of) Hunter Mountain ski area in New York, USA.   Over to you, Muikabochi.

Is it here?




Haha, that would have been my next hint, Hint 19 (next number in the prime number series).


Hint 2: Asahi-chan (Hi gg! :wave: )

Hint 3: Salad. Asahi-mura is on the サラダ街道.

Hint 5: Kamijo Tsunehiko, singer from Asahi-mura

Hint 7: Base area

Hint 11: Prime Minister Abe

Hint 13: Asahi Pentax 50 mm f1.4 prime lens


All pointing to Asahi Prime ski area, in Asahi-mura, Nagano.


Your turn, onehunga.

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