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Looks familiar but cant place a name to it. Will put on my thinking cap

Tsugaike Kogen

That it is. Named after (and co-developed by the owners of) Hunter Mountain ski area in New York, USA.   Over to you, Muikabochi.

Are you doing all right, snowjnky?


Thanks for asking MO

I am somewhat traumatised but another couple of Ebisu should see me pull through.


Now what was this topic about again?

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As no one else seems to be posting I'll try: Araragi Kogen


Correct: Araragi Kogen, in the town of Achi, known for its starry skies and flowering peach trees.

In Nagano prefecture, which has the lindou (gentiana scabra) as prefectural flower.


Oh, and boasting a "Soyjoy Park" course.


Over to you, Onehunga.

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